“Doom at your door” Release new still of Seo In-guk entered Park Bo-young’s house was.

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Doom at your door” is a near-life-secured fantasy romance between as Park Bo-Young and Seo In-Guk.

A web novel editor for six years at a publishing company called Life Story. She has been working hard ever since her parents died due to an accident (Play by park Bo-young) and a messenger between gods and humans who only follows fate without any intention nor passion (play by Seo in-Guk).
Expectations are high due to the combination of writer Im Meari, who is recognized for her delicate writing skills with “the Beauty Inside,” and director Kwon Young-il, who gave a warm smile with “My unfamiliar family”

Park Bo-young will play Tak Dong-kyung, a human who decides to risk her life and love on the unexpected fate of ordinary life in the play, while Seo In-guk will play the role of “Myeol-Mang,” a special being who has devoted his compassion and love to the unexpected life that has entered a terrible fate, mesmerizing viewers with transcendent chemistry.

“Doom at your door” picture preview

Among the picture release, today (7th) and the two were in the same house in a friendly manner drawing keen attention. Seo in Guk draws attention as he enters the house of Park Bo-young’s with a smile on his face. The playfulness on the face of Seo In-Guk raises questions, Soon after, he came deep into the house of Park Bo-young’s and settled down on the sofa. He looks comfortable and relaxed as if he were his own house, catches the eye.

Meanwhile, Park Bo-young, on the other hand, makes people laugh by showing her eyes as a rabbit Above all, the eyes and facial expressions of Park bo-young, which she is hiding behind the wall and staring at the Seo In-Guk, are alert and perplexed, giving us a hunch of the situation

As a result, curiosity is heightened to the fullest extent in the main broadcast of “Doom at your door,” where the romance of human and a message of God will depict yearning and personal injury.

The production team of said, “You will be able to feel the perfect chemistry between Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk from the first broadcast,” and added, “With the fateful first meeting, the romance that transcends the existence of longing and destruction that permeates and changes each other will give viewers both deadly excitement and pleasant laughter, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Doom at your Door” will premiere at 9 p.m. on the 10th.


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