a business proposal sejeong

The scene of Kim Se Jeong in episode 4 of ‘A business Proposal‘ is becoming a controversial topic.

A Business Proposal is currently one of the hottest TV series at the moment. However, in addition to the interesting content, the work also received many criticisms about a rather objectionable segment.

a business proposal sejeong

Specifically, to please his grandfather, Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Hari (Kim Se Jeong) together shook hands, forming a fake dating contract. Because she works in the same company as Tae Moo, Hari always tries to hide her identity.

a business proposal

One day, Kang Tae Moo’s grandfather came to the farm to check their work. Unexpectedly, Hari is also working here. To avoid detection, she constantly hid, making excuses to not have to face him.

a business proposal sejeong 4

Everything is not worth mentioning when the scene where Mr. Kang wants to use the toilet, confronts the female lead directly. Here, the president unfortunately slipped. Although she wanted to help, Hari chose to turn away so that her identity would not be discovered. As a result, Mr. Kang fell to the ground, revealing an extremely painful expression.

a business proposal 4

The president wanted to use the restroom, but Hari didn’t want to meet him for fear of revealing her identity. the unexpected incident caused the president to slip And then he collapsed on the ground.

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After this scene aired, many people turned to criticize the female lead for being too selfish, causing the elderly to fall. Many people also admit that they lose their feelings for the female lead when they have an impolite attitude towards the elderly. Not stopping there, the fact that Hari did not come to help Mr. Kang made a part of the audience unacceptable.

a business proposal sejeong

At present, the debate continues to break out with many conflicting opinions, but before the “uncharacteristic” behavior of the female lead, “A business Proposal has lost a lot of points in the eyes of the majority of the audience.

A Business Proposal is a 12-episode SBS drama. The work has aired 4 episodes and will be broadcast every Monday and Tuesday night.


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