Actor Joo Jong-hyuk takes on the role of ‘Kwon Min-woo’, an ugly intern lawyer in Han Bada in the drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘. With this work, he gained fame along with the nickname ‘Kwon Mosulsu’.

Joo Jong-hyuk, who has to solidify his position as a popular actor. He surprised everyone by revealing through a broadcast in September that he had been living as a couple in the same room for 8 years. Even he has never had a fight.

Since it is a two-room apartment, you can live a life with some privacy in each room, but Joo Jong-hyuk said that he used to live in a bunk bed with a cohabitant, but these days, he is living in an oriental room facing each other with the beds side by side.

He said that he wanted to have an older brother since childhood, and he said that he felt like he had a real older brother. The person who lives with him is actor Park Sung-joon.

Joo Jong-hyuk
Joo Jong-hyuk

Park Sung-joon made his debut in the 2013 movie ‘Hwayi: A Monster Boy‘ and recently played an active role in Disney Plus ‘Rookie Cops‘ following ‘Mother‘, ‘Off Duty Investigation‘, ‘Run On‘.

In addition, Park Seong-joon left a deep impression as an actor once again with the role of ‘Kim Min-jae’. His character went to prison after overwriting his own murder charge in the SBS weekend drama ‘One Dollar Lawyer‘. ‘One dollar Lawyer‘ is currently airing in popularity.

Two people who have been together for a long time as fellow actors, friends, and like family. We look forward to Joo Jong-hyuk and Park Sung-joon, who will perform wonderfully in good works in the future.

Source: Daum

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