Again My Life

Again My Life Episode 2 Recap, Review, and Summary

Again My Life Episode 2 Recap

Lee Joon-gi, who is living for the second time in his life in ‘Again My Life‘, changed his fate.

In the second episode of  ‘Again My Life’, which was broadcast on the 9th, the figure of a prosecutor Kim Hee-woo (Lee Jun-gi), who returned 15 years ago, was drawn.

In the previous broadcast, Kim Hee-woo suffered an unfair death after touching the political mogul Jo Tae-seop (Lee Kyung-young) who controls the Republic of Korea. However, at the threshold of his death, he got an opportunity to reset his life, and so Kim Hee-woo returned 15 years ago.

First of all, Kim Hee-woo went out to prevent the death of his parents, remembering that he lost his parents in a hit-and-run accident in his past life. In response, Hee-woo prevented his parents from leaving their house to the factory, but that didn’t go his way. He then went to meet his parents after work to prevent the accident and saw a vehicle running after his parents, Hee-woo pushed them with all his might, but thought that his parents had died in an accident again despite his efforts, fortunately, they survived his the accident.

And Kim Hee-woo confirmed the face of the hit-and-run criminal who killed his parents in his past life, and the true culprit was Cho Tae-seop’s son Jo Hyeon-Seok, he caused an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. However, Cho Hyeon-Seok died, and Cho Tae-seop manipulated and concealed the accident record. Kim Hee-woo, who learned the truth of the incident, said, “My fate has changed. I have protected my parents and Jo Tae-seop will appear as a more insane person.”

Again My Life Episode 2 Recap

Hee-woo also faced the perpetrator of school violence who had tormented him in the past. Kim Hee-woo’s bullying perpetrator treated him as a part-timer at his convenience store, saying, “When the shuttle becomes an adult, it’s an adult shuttle.

Then, Kim Hee-woo decided to go to college tell his parents that he would go to university, and said, “I am studying hard while attending an academic. When his parents ask him about the part-time he said,  of course, I will also work part-time while studying. He now asks him which school he wants to go and he said, I will go to the hangkuk law school of a Korean.” Lee Mi-ok (Kim Hee-Jung) and Kim Chan-Seong (Park Chul-min) who noticed a total change in their son looked puzzled and said, “It’s scary now. What else have we done wrong?” When he shows his report sheet to them. After a while, when the news of Jo Tae-seop was covered on the TV news, Kim Hee-woo made a sad expression saying, “Time is flowing as I remember. The past is actually repeating, and I am getting close to the fate that I must be stopped.” Meanwhile, Hee-woo who when to academic 3month later, was able to save Kim Kyu-Ri’s life and change her fate.
In the meantime, Kim Hee-woo heard that his bullying perpetrator was going to do something terrible to Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-Kyung) he wants drugs her drink, and Hee-woo went to the club to prevent it before a big incident happened.

Kim Han-mi was already drunk and collapsed, and Kim Hee-woo’s bullying perpetrator was laughing while taking pictures of Kim Han-mi. Hee-woo, who became a completely different person from before, properly punished the perpetrators of the bullying. And he succeeded in saving Kim Han-mi from the worst. After a while, Kim Han-mi, waking up from her drink, was surprised to see her picture on the cell phone that Kim Hee-woo gave her, and she reported to the police the people who were trying to harm her. However, the police chief, whose son was one of the Iljin groups, tried to cover up the incident, and Kim Han-mi, who saw this, expressed displeasure, saying, “I see that a police chief is manipulating a case and threatened a kid to cover up.” At that moment, Seok-Hoon Kim (played by Kwang-Il Choi) came in and slapped the police chief’s son, saying, “Do you want to die?” in anger. Kim Hee-woo, who saw Kim Seok-hoon angered by a picture of Kim Han-mi, began to question the relationship between Kim Seok-hoon and Kim Han-mi.

As time passed, Hee-Woo succeeded in re-entering the Department of Law at Hankuk University. He met his former professor again, remembered the first question he posed, and skillfully answered the civil law. Hee-woo, who attended the freshman reception, saw Lee Min-soo, whom he had never met before, and assumed that he was a new person who appeared in his past when he died. So, he was interested in whether there was someone he had met while the past is changing.

Again My Life Episode 2 Recap

Also, he met again with Il-Hyeon Jang (played by Kim Hyung-mook) and Choi Kang-jin (played by Jin-woo Kim) at the law department welcome party. Choi Kang-jin was a scumbag who started as a prosecutor and became a member of the National Assembly in his previous life, and Jang Il-Hyeon was Jo Tae-seop’s person who put the brakes on Kim Hee-woo’s progress in every case.

Kim Hee-woo wondered how his meeting with them would develop in this life.

And on that day, Kim Hee-woo also met Kim Hee-ah (Kim Ji-eun). Kim Hee-ah, a first-year computer science student at Hankuk University, is 21 years old, just like Kim Hee-woo. The two were happy with the strange relationship, and Hee-woo kept looking at her familiar face.

However, Hee-woo was frustrated because he could not confirm whether he had to meet Hee-ah in a previous life or a new person he met in this life.

Returning home drunk it was revealed that a mysterious man who was chasing, Hee-Woo felt that someone was following him and looked back at this. It was none other than Doctor K who appeared before him.

Doctor K was the person of Tae-seop Dr. K who killed Hee-woo in his previous life. Hee-woo was shocked by Dr. K’s appearance too quickly and it drew viewers’ attention.
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After getting off to a solid start the night before, “Again My Life” saw a rise in viewership for its second episode according to Nielsen Korea. The new fantasy revenge drama starring Lee Joon Gi earned an average nationwide rating of 6.4 percent for its latest broadcast


Again My Life was interesting, the storyline was superb, at first I was afraid that we were watching a Lawless Lawyer 2, but after the plot happens the story takes a turn and gets good. Though the Competition is really stiff with other dramas, I trust Lee Joon-gi and his martial art which will the drama a lot.


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