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Again My Life episode 6 Recap: Two Crushes of Lee Joon Gi met face to face, who is more beautiful?

Again My Life episode 6 Recap

Two girls who have a crush on Hee-Woo (Lee Joon Gi) met each other after 7 years in episode 6 of ‘Again My Life’, now one is an international student who has just returned to the country, and the other is a trainee political reporter. At the end of the previous episode, Again My Life, Kim Hee Woo was surprised when chief prosecutor Jin Seok Gyu (Kim Chul Ki) slapped him back. As it turned out, he slapped Hee Woo because he didn’t value his life and acted arbitrarily.

Again My Life episode 6 Recap
Again My Life episode 6 Review

Right after that, all the gangsters were taken to the detention center and interrogated. Hee Woo used all his professional methods and got information that this gang not only organized illegal gambling but also transported drugs, kidnapped women, and sold them to brothels. Meanwhile, the leader still stubbornly refused to answer, he thought that this time going to the police station was just a visit, so he threatened Hee Woo.

Again My Life episode 6 Recap
Again My Life episode 6 review

The incident quickly reached the ears of local senior officials Hee Woo was called into the room and was scolded once. They ordered the prosecutor to handle it smoothly with the excuse not to disturb the city. Knowing that this corrupt superior was indignant, Hee Woo had previously given the information to the TV station and the news was broadcast nationwide. Moreover, he also threatened that he had obtained the list of bribe recipients, making everyone in the room pale. • While busy with the case, Hee Woo receives a phone call from his friend Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun). After 7 years of studying and working abroad, she returned to Korea and made an appointment with him. At the same moment, Kim Han Mi (Kim Jae Kyung) also suddenly appeared. So who, the girls who have a crush on Hee Woo, met face to face With a strong personality, Han Mi threatened Hee Woo not to say that Hee Ah is prettier, other, wise he will be “punished” right away.

Again My Life episode 6 Recap

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Again My Life episode 6

To Hee Woo wants to pass this case to the chief prosecutor’s office to help bring him and the section chief prosecutor to Seoul. To do that, he directly approached the chief prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon (Choi Kwang) to join them personally, in fact joining Cho Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young). • Kim Seok Hoon realizes that this is a big case, he wants to take this opportunity to advance to a higher position, which is completely within Hee Woo’s plan. And when he discussed this with Cho Tae Seob, the congressman did not doubt it and immediately agreed, thinking that Hee Woo’s ability is worthy to offer him a helping hand for him.

Again My Life episode 6
Again My Life episode 6 Review

Hee Woo let his juniors work at the harbor to gather information and learn that there will be a drug deal tomorrow night. So he gave this news to Kim Seok Hoon and wanted to get help from him to take it all in. Will the plan to take over the drug smuggling group succeed? Let’s watch the next episodes of Again My if, this Friday. Which is broadcast every Friday and Saturday on SBS


Hee-Woo is amazing in times of walking on his enemies this time, he has improved a lot which makes him extremely intelligent. I will like to see who he will choose between Han-Mi and Kim Hee, seeing how both of their parents have been in his life once.


According to Nielsen Korea on April 24rd, episode 6 of SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “Again My Life” recorded an average nationwide rating of 8.5%, the sixth episode experience a drop down of 1.2 % compared to the previous episode.

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