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Again My Life Episode 7 Recap, Review, and Summary

Again My Life episode 7 Recap: Having just collaborated with the villain Lee Kyoung Young, Lee Joon Gi “turned over” to want to stop trading? Previously, he wanted to join Cho Tae Seob (Lee Kyoung Young), but in episode 7 ‘Again My Life’ Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) had intended to withdraw. Kim Hee Woo will break into the drug base and also found important evidence in the process of transporting goods. This will make Kim Seok Hoon (Choi Kwang Il) and Cho Tae Seop (Lee Kyung Young) pay more attention to him, from here, the road to the Seoul district prosecutor’s office will be extremely convenient.

Again My Life Episode 7 Recap

Again My Life episode 7 opens with the scene where prosecutor Kim Hee Woo ( Lee Joon Gi ) goes to wipe out the drug trafficking lair of Kimsan city. With the help of the chief prosecutor in Seoul – Kim Seok Hoon (Choi Kwang Il), Hee Woo successfully carried out the case and forced the notorious gangster boss to reveal who was behind him.

In a meeting with the press, Hee Woo seriously spoke about the case he had done. However, when it was announced that the officials involved in corrupt and cover-up acts were not clear, he suddenly received a call from the chief prosecutor in Kimsan city – Jin Seok Gyu (Kim Chul Ki).

Again My Life Episode 7 Recap

In the end, he only read the names of the two officials standing behind him, and Congressman Gu Wo Cheong got away with the crime. As it turned out, he asked for help from Cho Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young), and removing him from the list of criminals was also a condition for Hee Woo and Jin Seok Gyu to go to Seoul.

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The two successfully moved to the prosecutor’s office in Seoul and chief prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon was also appointed as the chief prosecutor. Hee Woo made it clear that his purpose to Jin Seok Gyu was to raise him to the position of Director and to become his effective hand, only when he had power in his hand could he enforce the law.

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And to do that, Hee Woo must defeat the “two old foxes” that are Kim Seok Hoon and Jang Il Hyeon (Kim Hyung Mook). With Kim Seok Hoon, the prosecutor learned that even though he helped him get to Seoul, he still doubt him, he left a wiretapped device in his office.

On the other hand, he asked Hee Woo to monitor Jin Seok Gyu’s actions, so Hee Woo “next and next” and two partners put on a show for him to believe.

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As for Jang Il Hyeon, Hee Woo is still friendly with the senior. During the Future Talent Forum party, Hee Woo recognizes Sung Jin Mi – whom he caught in the past for corruption.

Hee Woo skillfully started a conversation with this woman and introduced her and senior Jang Il Hyeon with the aim of ‘one arrow hitting two targets’. The prosecutor wants these two lawbreakers to date and reveals the clues of the violation so that he can easily spread the net.

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With the achievements Hee Woo has achieved, he was quickly taken to participate in the party of the secret club – the club that the prosecutor was joined by Jang Il Hyeon as a student. At this time, Hee Woo was surprised that the members of the club were all high-ranking officials or influential people, voices in the political world.

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But what surprised him more was that the person who ran the club was his arch-nemesis Cho Tae Seob. Also in this party, Hee Woo was invited to meet Cho Tae Seob, he quickly showed his eloquence and expressed his desire to join him.

These things make Cho Tae Seob very satisfied and want Hee Woo to become an effective hand in his participation in power.

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Let’s watch the next episodes of Again My Life on Saturday. What did you think about this episode?


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Kim Hee Woo lives through and endures his past once again. However, this time around he lives it exactly how he had dreamed it. By putting in the same amount of effort, if not a little extra, he achieves everything that his previous life lacked. He stays as a constant pillar of support for his friends and ensures that their futures are taken care of as well! Well done Lee Joon Gi.





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