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A wind of crisis blows to Lee Bo-young of the ‘agency‘. It is not enough to become an executive with a one-year deadline, so a resolution to dismiss may proceed. Anticipation rises as Lee Bo-young, who is in danger of being kicked out of the company as soon as she ascends to the position of managing director, will come up with another bizarre strategy to overcome this situation.

Agency Lee Bo-young Episode 1-2 Preview

JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Agency’ In the last broadcast, Go A-In (Lee Bo-Young), who became the first female executive in the group, actively utilized her authority to rise to the top position beyond being the first, and drastic personnel reform carried out 

By invoking the personnel rights of the head of the production headquarters, all the CDs in the line of Choi Chang-soo (played by Jo Seong-ha) that existed in the production team were demoted from team leader to team member. It was a strategy to narrow the position of Choi Chang-soo, who was aiming for the next representative of VC planning.

However, this strategy is expected to bring aftereffects to the orphans as well. In the preview for episode 3, which was released right after the last broadcast, CDs that rebelled against Go Ah-in’s personnel appointment were captured. In addition, as the actual executive meeting was convened following the warning that “the decision to dismiss the executive director may proceed,” a fierce battle between Go Ah-in, who is trying to carry out her drastic personnel reform, and Choi Chang-soo, who is trying to dismiss her, was predicted.

The person to pay attention to here is Cho Moon-ho (played by Park Ji-il), the representative of VC Planning. To the extent that he was unaware of the promotion of an orphan designed by Choi Chang-soo, his position in the company is “an old man in the back room who is keeping his post to spend his retirement years.” However, he is a person with eyes like a ghost who understands everything within the group, including VC planning. Then he finally approves something with the authority of the representative at the executive meeting. Curiosity soars about who will win the first battle between Go Ah-in and Choi Chang-soo and what influence Cho will have.

On this day, the production team said, “Go Ah-in won the internal competition for the position of managing director, but as a result, it was revealed that he was a limited-time executive, and he lost to Choi Chang-soo in a strategic battle. In response, Go Ah-in, who is desperate, sets up a more elaborate and unconventional strategy. The appointment of personnel that demoted all of Choi Chang-soo’s line was the first step in the strategy, and personnel reform using this as a stepping stone is also the first battle between executives and executives facing Choi Chang-soo,” he said. Representative Cho is holding the key to this battle, and you can check whose hand he will raise in episode 3. You can expect a thrilling match.”

Episode 3 of ‘Agency’, where Go Ah-in and Choi Chang-soo’s first battle will take place, which foreshadowed a full-fledged internal war, will be broadcast on JTBC at 10:30 pm on the 14th.

Source: Daum

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