“Imitation” Ahn Jung-hoon Transforme into a boy band idol.

Actor Ahn Jung-hoon announced the casting of KBS 2TV’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Imitation,” which is scheduled to premiere on the 7th.

Imitation” is an idol tribute to all the stars who dream of being real in time for the 1 million-year-old entertainment exam. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the new world view centered on idols is expected to unfold interestingly.

Imitation 2021poster

Ahn plays Jae-woo, a member of the top six-member boy band SHAX. Ahn Jung-hoon’s boy band is also expected to be seen and acted as if he is Ahn Jung-hoon’s boy band, as he has been practicing for about seven months to show a perfect performance worthy of the reputation of the perfect idol group Sharks, who won the top title with high popularity at the same time as their debut with their deadly charm.

Actor Ahn Jung-hoon showed his unsophisticated and stable acting skills by taking part in his work on “Love Scene Number” and tvN’s “After participation Care Center” after making eye-catching appearances in many web dramas.

KBS 2TV’s new Friday drama “Imitation” is scheduled to premiere at 11:20 p.m. today (7th).



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