Alchemy of Souls Park So-jin returns with the second part: Light and Shadow tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow‘ screenwriting by the Hong sister, production studio Dragon and TS Narin Cinema, which will be broadcast for the first time on the 10th, is set in a great country that does not exist in history or on the map. A fantasy romance in which the main characters, whose fates have been twisted due to the changing ‘Alchemy of Souls’, overcome and grow. In particular, ‘Jang-wook’, who came back alive from the end of death, and the story of the magicians who unfolded three years later are expected to be dealt with.

In the play, Park So-jin once again transforms into ‘Joo-wol’, the owner of Chwiseonru. ‘Chiseonru’, is a place where the sorcerers of the Great Patriotic Nation Daeho gather. Park So-jin in her last episode of the Drama’s first part played the role of ‘Joo-wol’, the guest of honour of ‘Chiseon-ru’, the centre of social circles, and showed off her presence by making use of her confident and relaxed charisma.


In addition, as the actors who appeared together in part 1 showed a fantastic tikitaka and received favourable reviews for their chemistry, attention is already focused on how high the chemistry will add to the vitality of the drama in this ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow’.

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Starting with the low-budget feature film ‘Swallow’, actor Park So-jin has been steadily walking in film and theatre, such as the film ‘Spring Day’ and the play ‘Perfect Others’. She followed up with a number of dramas such as ‘Hot Stove League (SBS)’ and ‘Shooting Star (tvN)’ as a filmmaker, showing an acting spectrum that is not limited to genres. In particular, recently ‘She stars In the legal (Disney+) drama’ “May It Please the Court” and her acting potential was bursting, the emotional line of ‘Jang Yi Yeon’, who had lived in pain due to the wrong choice, was delicately portrayed and received rave reviews from many viewers.

As such, Park So-jin, who shows solid acting skills in each work and continues her steady ten-day move, and announced her appearance in the upcoming movie ‘Moradong‘ earlier, and more attention is paid to her brilliant move in the future.

Meanwhile, ‘Alchemy Of Souls: Light and Shadow’ is scheduled to release on 10th December 2022.

Source: Daum

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