D.o and other Bad Prosecutor cast Meet at the script reading site

Bad Prosecutor cast at The script reading scene of KBS2’s new upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama.

‘Bad Prosecutor’ will be screen played by Im Young-bin, and directed by Kim Seong-ho. This drama will tell the story of a prosecutor ‘Jin-Jung (Doh Kyung-soo), armed with imperfections and grittiness, breaking down the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and even the greedy people who live in it. A prosecutor who chooses expediency over justice, trickery over the rule, and depravity over sincerity, punishes corrupt and powerful people who are corrosive to this society, providing a refreshing and exhilarating catharsis that will make you forget the frustrating reality for a while.

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Bad Prosecutor cast

‘Bad Prosecutor’ is a collaboration between director Kim Seong-ho, who showed emotional and in-depth directing skills in the Netflix series ‘Move to Heaven,’ and writer Young-bin Lim, who co-wrote the drama ‘Sketch‘. And other cast members are as follows, Lee Si-eon – Joo Bo-young – Yeon Jun-Seok – Kim Chang-wonKim Tae-woo – Choi Kwang-il, etc.

In this regard, the scene of the ‘script reading’, where the Cast and the production team of the “Bad Prosecutor’ gathered for the first time, was released. The script reading started in a friendly atmosphere as director Kim Seong-ho delivered his affectionate greetings for the actors’ determination and aspirations for fighting continued.

First, Do Kyung-soo predicted a charismatic transformation while perfectly immersed in the role of a charming man of demonic nature, an ecosystem-disrupting species that will remain in the history of the prosecution, and a sleazy prosecutor. With his unique soft and serious tone of voice and shining eyes, he portrayed a calming role that crosses comic and charisma. Lee Se-hee, who has established herself as a popular actress with ‘Gentleman and Lady’, shined in her presence as Shin Ara, a senior prosecutor in the Central District Prosecutors’ Office, a tsundere charmer who worries and protects while clashing with Jin-jeong (Do Kyung-soo). Lee Se-hee caught her attention with her calm coolness and lively and bright energy with her freely moving acting.

Ha-jun, who played a big role in ‘Crime City 2’, which surpassed 12 million viewers, is an elite who passed the bar exam at the age of 22. brought a cool tension to life. Kim Sang-ho showed the essence of decomposition as Park Jae-kyung, the head of the mysterious civil service department, whose insides are unknown, and at the same time, he doubled the vitality of the play with a pleasant tiki-taka chemistry that calms and quarrels.

Lee Si-eon, who has proven her unique comic acting skills in various characters, gave life to the scene by playing the role of Go Jung-do, a hacker with ambiguous skills who is forced to be dragged by Jin-Jeong’s weakness. Joo Bo-young, who made a mark on viewers with ‘Youth of May’ and ‘Twenty-five Twenty One, is a girl-crush-filled force befitting the role of Eun-Ji Baek, the daughter of the president of the national organization Baek Gompa, who speaks few words but does not choose anyone who has something to say.

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Bad Prosecutor cast at the script reading
[Photo courtesy of Neo Entertainment, Vlad Studio]

Yeon Jun-seok, who scrambled for the role of a genuinely loyal and reliable prosecutor’s investigator Lee Chul-gi, worked closely with Do Kyung-soo, who he had worked with in his previous work, as an extraordinary solidarity. Choi Gwang-il, who drew the suction power of each role with his heavy acting skills, enhanced the authenticity of the ‘real sword fight’ by performing the role of Jang-won Lee, the deputy chief prosecutor of the Central Prosecutor’s Office, who is authoritative and likes to be treated.

The production team said, “From the first script reading of ‘Bad Prosecutors’, the fantastic acting combination from the actors’ solid acting skills made the audience burst out in laughter. Please pay a lot of attention to the cool cider drama which will break the frustrating reality at once.”

‘Bad Prosecutor’ will be broadcasted for the first time on Wednesday, October 5th at 9:50 PM.

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