Bae In Hyuk Cheer Up “The subject of the cheering squad, which had not been covered well in dramas, was fresh, and the reason I was most attracted to it was that I was able to work hard in the practice room and act together with other actors my age. I could feel the teamwork.”

Actor Bae In-hyuk recalled the first time he chose ‘Cheer Up‘ when he left the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Cheer Up’. Bae In-hyuk honestly confessed, “It was physically and mentally difficult. The weight and pressure were greater than in other works.”. “I heard that after the broadcast, the names of the male and female characters in our drama were listed as trending keywords on Twitter’s real-time issue.

Meanwhile, ‘Cheer Up’ is the story of young people gathered in the cheering squad of Yonhee University, whose 50-year-old tradition is about to collapse. Bae In-hyuk takes on the role of Park Jeong-woo, the leader of Theia, a cheering squad at Yonhee University. Park Jeong-woo is a person who has more affection for the cheering squad than anyone else. He is a tough principled person, but when you get to know him, he has a warm-hearted and secretly lax side. Bae In-hyuk said, “Jung-woo’s character is on the mature side, but I thought there was also an immaturity unique to people in their 20s. It was difficult and took time to understand Jung-woo between maturity and immaturity and solve the character.”

Bae In Hyuk Cheer Up
‘Cheer up’ steel. / Photo courtesy of SBS

As the cheering leader, I prepared more thoroughly for the cheering choreography. Bae In-hyuk confessed his burden, saying, “Because I am at the front, there is no one to follow me after watching my dance. If I am wrong, the people behind me are all wrong.” He also said, “When I do it separately on a protruding stage, I can see all the expressions of the audience. I’ve never danced in front of a lot of people and I’ve never conveyed my energy like that, so I was more nervous.” However, he recalled the moment when he felt a sense of euphoria, saying, “Later, I got used to it and started to enjoy it little by little. There was also a thrill.” In the hot summer, Bae In-hyuk lost 10kg while practising and filming for the cheerleading squad.

“I gained about 8 kg during the drama ‘Why her?‘, but I think I lost 10 kg during ‘Cheer Up’. When I monitored it, my cheeks were chubby in the beginning, but in the second half, I lost weight. I think it took a toll. I filmed in stuff that didn’t breathe in midsummer, so even my underwear got wet. I had no choice but to lose weight.”

Although there was a clause saying ‘dating is prohibited’ among the cheerleaders, Park Jung-woo and Do Hae-i fell in love with each other. Regarding Jeong-woo, who was not aggressive toward Ha-i in the beginning, Bae In-hyeok said, “Isn’t Jung-woo waiting for the other person? Regarding his own dating style, he said, “It depends on the case.

The first kiss scene of the two people walking together under an umbrella under the pouring rain is a scene that many listeners choose as a famous scene. “The shooting schedule that day was to film the stall scene and the stone wall kissing scene in the rain. When we were filming the stall scene, all the lights along the stone wall were on, but after filming, they were all turned off. In the end, we stopped filming that day and went back a few weeks later to film them. The weather got really cold in the span of a week. After filming in the rain all day, both Jihyun and I caught a cold right away. It was a street where a lot of people passed by, and there was a sudden construction going on. It was a scene with a lot of twists and turns.”

Actor Bae In-hyuk.  / Photo = Reporter Jo Joon-won wizard333@
Actor Bae In-hyuk. / Photo = Reporter Jo Joon-won wizard333@

At the time when Park Jeong-woo and Do Hae-yi’s (Han Ji-hyun) romance should have matured, ‘Cheer Up’ was cancelled for various reasons, including baseball broadcasts and the World Cup. Regarding this, Bae In-hyeok said, “It would be a lie if I said I had no regrets. He continued, “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t regret the issue of missing the World Cup and baseball. It’s a pity because we’re the cast in this drama, but we’re also viewers. The longer the waiting time, the harder it is. However, “Nevertheless, on the other hand, I was grateful that there were people who watched until the end. In fact, when there was an issue of consecutive absences, there would be people who thought that it would be forgotten if it was this much, or that it was over. did,” he said.

Although it garnered attention in the online community and video clip views, the viewership rating was in the range of 1-3%. Bae In-hyeok said, “Of course, viewership ratings are important, but these days, there are many platforms, and I think viewership ratings are just a number because you can’t see them only by watching them on TV like in the past.” He then expressed his gratitude, saying, “Although the surface area number is low, I don’t think people haven’t watched many of our dramas. Isn’t there such a thing as YouTube and replays? I’m sorry about the ratings, but I think a lot of people watched and loved it.”

Bae In Hyuk Cheer Up
Actor Bae In-hyuk. / Photo = Reporter Jo Joon-won wizard333@

Bae In-hyeok also made a special appearance in the tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Under the queen umbrella‘ as Crown Prince, the first son of Hwaryeong (played by Kim Hye-soo). In the play, the sickly crown prince suddenly dies after his health improves. Hwaryeong, the mother, is suspicious of this, and together with her second son, Daegun Seongnam (played by Moon Sang min ), digs out the truth about the death of the crown prince.

Bae In-hyeok said, “While working on ‘Cheer Up’, we not only worked with ‘under the queen umbrella’ but also with the movie ‘Ditto‘. Since last year, there were many times when our schedules overlapped. I don’t know too,” he said about his busy recent situation. He continued, “Honestly, it was very difficult while filming,” and laughed, saying, “Sleeping in the car while on the move and taking a shower was done by SBS employees washing in the shower. So I wondered if I was homeless.”

Bae In Hyuk Cheer Up

When asked about working with Kim Hye-soo, he honestly confessed, “Actually, I was very nervous.” He said, “My hands were shaking during the script reading. As my turn to speak approached, my mouth dried up.” He added, “I was grateful that the senior made it possible for me to be comfortable on the set. Everyone thinks she is cool and she is a respected senior. she was a senior who dreamed of becoming an actor and thought she was cool, but when we worked together, I felt her coolness, energy, and aura.” she also thanked me, saying, “I was nervous every time I went to shoot, but the tension rather helped me to melt into the work. she told me to do everything I want to do with confidence, and it was a great source of strength for me.” Regarding Moon Sang-min, who is a brother in the play, he said, “He’s a very bright friend. He’s taller than me and rather looks like an older brother. It was funny when he said ‘hyung~ hyung~’ to me. took pride in breathing.

When asked if he felt like a rising star, he answered like this. “I still don’t think so. I think the word ‘rising star’ itself is heavy. It feels like I’m becoming too influential. I’m lacking and immature for that. There are many people who work harder than me and rise up, so I think that’s a modifier they should have. . I will work harder and get recognized if I go higher.

Source: Daum

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