“True Beauty” Star will cast along Yeo Jin-goo in the upcoming drama “Beyond Evil”

Kang Min-ah has been cast in JTBC’s Upcoming drama Beyond Evil

Kang Min-ah has been cast in JTBC’s Upcoming drama Beyond Evil

H& Entertainment announced on the 11th that the actress it will appear in JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Beyond Evil” (written and directed by Kim Soo-jin, and Shim Na-Yeon). “Beyond Evil” is a psychological thriller depicting the story of two monster-like men in Manyang, starring Shin Ha-Kyun and Yeo Jin-gu. ‘Who is the monster! Is it you, me, or us?” and closely pursues the multifaceted nature of human beings hidden behind the incident.

Kang Min-ah, who drew attention for her role as Choi Soo-ah, who boasts extreme affinity in the tvN drama “True beauty,” which ended in popularity earlier this month.
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She will be playing the role of (Kang Min Jung)a college student with an honest and cheerful personality and the daughter of Kang Jin-mook (Lee Kyu-hoe), from the village of Manyang, who owns the local supermarket in the village.
Shin Ha-Kyun’s Character (Lee Dong-sik)in the drama has a close relationship with his nephew Kang Min Jung. Kang Min-jung, who used to call Lee Dong-sik an uncle right from her young age, became a college student and called him Dong-Sik, and boasted a high level of intimacy to the point of joking around, “Let’s get married.” Kang Min-ah is expected to portray the young Kang Min-jung, who enjoys drinking and dancing to avoid Lee Dong-sink’s eyes.
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“Beyond Evil,” is one of the most anticipated drama in the first half of 2021. Meanwhile, “Beyond Evil” will premiere at 11 p.m. on 19th February.



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