Netizens speculated evidence of “Big Mouse” identity. “Big Mouse” with Lee Jong Suk and Yoona.

A new reason for “Big Mouse” identity is gaining support from netizens. It

On the 28th of last month, the reasoning for Novak, the character of “Big¬†Mouse,” was posted on Daum Cafe “Women’s Generation.”

Netizens said, “If you look at the introduction of the manager’s character, he came to the prison as an attempted murder, but tells Chang-ho that he was looking for his daughter and ran in.”There seems to be a connection with the prison manager beyond fortune,” he said, doubting No park’s identity.

Big Mouse" identity

Another netizen said, “The bait that came out now is that the person Big Mouse cares about died because of the paper,” but maybe the only daughter of the room manager died after being the subject of the experiment. Maybe that’s why he’s helping Chang-ho find out why his daughter died.”

“If No Park is the real big mouse, talking with tarot cards was a double track. And it turned out that Park was Big Mouse’s right arm, but the conversation between the director and No park was not revealed.”

Big Mouse" identity

Netizens who saw the mystery about No park said, “It seems true that ‘Big Mouse’ is an organization. It is a group created by victims of Gucheon Hospital,” “Changho will become a real big mouse at the end,” and “The nursery where Changho grew up is mentioned a lot, and this will be related to ‘Big Mouse’ and NR Forum.” What are your thoughts about this drama let’s meet in the comment section below?



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