Polls: How did you see the ending of ‘Big Mouse’ Kdrama?

Big Mouse Kdrama Polls, After the last episode of Big Mouse, which was aired on 17th September, Mixed reactions among Netizens is been trendy on social network channels. Some feel the end was rushed, others believe that the end was satisfying, what is more variant is the fact that many audiences believe that Big Mouse will return for Season 2

Big Mouse Kdrama Polls

Will Big Mouth Kdrama return for the next season? Well, it’s been confirmed that they won’t be another season Check out the full story. Before that let’s see if we can change the mindset of the Big Mouse team with our polls

How did you see the ending of ‘Big Mouse’ Kdrama?

I’m satisfied with the sure-fire ending! I want season 2!

I feel like the ending was rushed.. I’m so sorry

Other (leave your opinion in the comments)


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