Big Mouse Actress Yoona crying in front of fans… captured on camera

Big Mouse Actress Yoona, shed tears in front of fansYoona’s appearance was admired by netizens

Singer-actress Yoona’s tearful appearance caught the attention of netizens. 

Big Mouse Yoona
Below is Yoona’s Instagram

On the 4th, the online community Theku posted a picture of Yoona crying at the fan meeting for the 15th anniversary of the ‘Girls’ Generation. Netizens who saw Yoona shedding her tears admired her, saying, “You shed holy water,” “Crying is pretty,” and “How is her name not Yoon?” 


Big Mouse Yoona

Previously, Yoona and Taeyeon, Sunny, Seohyun, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Yuri, members of ‘Girls’ Generation‘, held the ‘2022 Girls Generation’ at 7 pm on the 3rd at 7 pm at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul. A special event – Long Lasting Love’ (2022 Girls’ Generation Special Event – Long Lasting Love) was held. 

On this day, the members also performed ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Reunited World’, ‘GEE’, and ‘Holiday Night’ after a long time. Meanwhile, Yoona is appearing in the MBC drama ‘Big Mouse and appeared in the movie ‘Cooperation 2: International, which was released on the 7th.

Source: WikiTree


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