Big Mouth Park Yoon-Gab, in the MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouse’, Jung Jae-sung plays the authoritative prison warden Park Yoon-Gab and shows his presence as a ‘key player who leads the flow of the play.

Jung Jae-sung realistically portrayed Park Yoon-Gab, a ‘villain’ prison warden who would do anything for money and power.

Jung Jae Sung

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Park Yoon-Gab entertained or flirted with Han Jae-ho (Lee Yoo-jun), Lee Do-kyung (Oh-Ryoong), and Jeong Chae-bong (Kim Jeong-Hyun), who hold power in the prison, and grades inmates and beats those who rebel against him, but does not blink an eye. In particular, in the 3rd broadcast, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk), who was against him.

After a sharp confrontation with Park Chang-ho, he transforms into a helper!

In the midst of a battle over the real ‘Big Mouse’ in Gucheon Prison, Park Yoon-Gab and Park Chang-ho constantly battled with each other, creating extreme tension. In the meantime, Park Yoon-Gab, who was imprisoned in prison by Park Chang-ho, was beaten by other inmates, and his status dropped to the bottom. After that, Park Yoon-Gab was hostile to Park Chang-ho, who told him to stick to his side, but he took his side and led an exciting development by rescuing Park Chang-ho from a crisis situation.

Jung Jae-sung meticulously portrayed the various emotional variations that Park Yoon-Gab has, and showed an active role as a ‘new stealer’ with his explosive acting power that makes it impossible to take your eyes off it for even a moment.

Photo = Captured from MBC’s ‘Big Mouse’

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