Choi Yeo-jin confessed that she liked Lee Kyu-han in the past on ‘Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want’. 

On the 22nd, MBN’s ‘Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want’ told the process of how Lee Kyu-han and Choi Yeo-jin became close. 

Choi Yeo-jin recalled the first time they met. She said, “We met on a sitcom a year ago. Even though we weren’t in opposite roles, we got along well when we acted together. Arriving at the dormitory, we unpacked our luggage and headed to the famous makguksu restaurant according to Lee Kyu-han’s own schedule. After waiting more than a minute we had lunch together.”

On this day, Lee Kyu-han said, “There was a different role, and we filmed together once, and we got along very well.” Choi Yeo-jin also said, “That’s why it’s always been so much fun to act.” 

Choi Yeo-jin and Shin Ae-ra on 'Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want'
Choi Yeo-jin and Shin Ae-ra on ‘Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want’

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At the end, Shin Ae-ra asked, “Honestly really? Did you not have any feelings?”. In this regard, Yeo jin Choi confessed, “I really liked him. I borrowed the proposal scene and even confessed.It was filmed under the bridge. My heart was pounding as I confessed my love. I really liked it.” Shin Ae-ra replied, “Didn’t you talk about it then?” Choi Yeo-jin answered, “And while trembling at the time, I only thought answer me”

Hearing this, Lee Kyu-han said, “I didn’t tell you,” and said, “Because I only thought about work. I always have to work in the field.”

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Source: Daum

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