BTS V and Jenny, why ‘video call’ pictures are creepy Leak?

BTS V and Jenny, why their ‘video call’ pictures are creepy? “It could have been captured by a hacker”

As it was reported by Sports Chosun, The reason why the ‘video call’ photo of BTS member V and BLACKPINK Jennie is creepy has been revealed.

On the 2nd, on the YouTube channel ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho’, a video titled ‘The reason why Jenny ♥ V video call leaked is creepy’ was posted.

On this day, a private photo of BTS member V and Blackpink Jennie has leaked again. The leaked photos show Jenny receiving a kiss on the forehead from a man presumed to be V, and V having a video call with a woman presumed to be Jenny. A full photo list with several photos was also released.

BTS V and Jenny,

In response, Lee Jin-ho directly disclosed the opinion of a security expert and pointed out two points of concern in this photo. A security expert said, “Looking at the file name, this looks like an original file. It’s not like it was sent through KakaoTalk, but if the original file was removed, I think the phone itself was hacked.” “And take a picture of the phone itself. If what you put on the screen right now is a capture screen, this phone itself is a hacker fan phone or an air system, or something like that.

He continued, “It’s a way to avoid being tracked. Because if you analyze the photo itself, some traces of location information will remain. It seems to be a measure to prevent such things.” “It seems to be released with the original file.” He added.

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A security expert said, “I brought the original file to my Mac, and then I did not use a shortcut to capture the screen on my Mac, but the Mac screen was also captured with some kind of shooting device.” “Because when you look at the first picture, both sides It’s a little dark. If you look at the left and right vertices, it’s a little darker than the middle. It’s because of the pixels, which is a characteristic when shooting (with other devices).”

BTS V and Jenny,

In particular, a security expert said, “There is a high probability that the mobile phone has been hacked.” “If the mobile phone itself is taken over by a hacker, eventually, the attacker can determine what this person is doing with the mobile phone in real time and with whom this person is talking offline, in what place, and with whom. You can also listen with the microphone on your back. It’s scary because you can do everything.”

Not only that, he paid attention to the video call capture, and was surprised by saying, “There are times when I have captured the screen, but even if the attacker is monitoring and capturing it, the same thing comes out.”

On the other hand, the agencies of both sides are not hastily expressing their position regarding this case, so the frustration of the fans is only growing. Regarding this, Jinho Lee said, “The agency will also be working on related content in their way.” “Rather, asking them to ‘acknowledge their devotees’ can give hackers greater power and raise their voices more. They seem to be a little more careful because they can give it to them. Understandably, the agencies of both sides remain silent about the hacker’s actions.”



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