Business Proposal critics

Business Proposal critics” Kim Se Jeong has responded to negative comments regarding the Drama.

Business Proposal is receiving great attraction from the audience thanks to the content that is both romantic and humorous. However, the film is still entangled in controversy because of the absurd, “cheesy”, clichéd plot. In particular, the “accident kiss” scene of Kang Tae Moo and Shin Ha Ri is similar to some other movies.

Business Proposal critics

Recently, Kim Se Jeong has responded to the audience’s comments. The actress said:  

” The first kiss scene of the main couple was in episode 2. However, at that time, Ahn Hyo Seop and I had just met, so we couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

The audience may say this kiss is cheesy because if we fell in real life, we would have swollen lips and nosebleeds, not romantic at all .”

The actress concurs with the fact that the film has many stereotypical details appearing in some other works. However, the highlight for the Dramato to keep its appeal to the audience is in the way the plot develops.

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Business Proposal

Besides constructive comments, Kim Se Jeong still encounters negative criticism. For malicious comments, the actress showed a cold and ignored attitude.

She said, ” I feel more comfortable doing live broadcasts and meeting fans. But nowadays there are a lot of harsh words. This is a space for people to be together, so it’s much better if you just say something interesting and make everyone laugh together “.

kim se jeong

Currently, Business Proposal is still reaping great success and continuously setting records in viewership ratings. When it just aired episode 8, the series stood at the Top 1 position of Netflix in many countries, including Vietnam.

This is also the episode that recorded the highest real-time rating with 21.18%. At the same time, the national average rating is 10.8%, breaking the previous record in episode 6 of 10.1%.

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