Business Proposal ranks 3rd globally

Business Proposal More Episodes, The last episode of the business proposal, broadcast on April 5, made the audience regret that it ended when no wedding took place. Most viewers are not satisfied because of the quick, incomplete ending for both the main and supporting couples.

The love of the male-female couple, Kang Tae Moo and Shin Ha Ri face fierce bans from their families. But the couple got together in the last episode. The film closes with Tae Moo proposing to Ha Ri under a romantic cherry blossom scene and being accepted by his lover.

Business Proposal More Episodes

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Meanwhile, the supporting couple was more difficult when Jin Young Seo’s father objected at the last minute. To escape her father’s arrangement, Young Seo founded her own company with Cha Sung Hoon, bringing about a discontented open ending.

What the audience is expecting is that the two couples will return home with a romantic wedding like the original. Before that, some information said that the work had been cut by 4 episodes, causing the circuit to be “packed” from 16 to 12 episodes, making fans disappointed.

However, SBS has just shown a condescending attitude to the audience’s displeasure. Specifically, this station’s YouTube channel suddenly created a poll for fans to participate in deciding the broadcast date of the unaired episodes of the movie. The station added that they are trying to complete the post-production stage in the fastest time.

The above information has just appeared and quickly attracted much attention from the audience. However, before the expectation of the fairy wedding for the two main and secondary couples, viewers were once again disappointed. Because in fact, the poll published by SBS only mentioned the behind-the-scenes episodes of the business proposal cast.


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