in Cheer Up’, the romance between Han Ji-Hyun and Bae In-hyuk is creating excitement. ‘Cheer Up’ is a hot and cool campus mystery loco of young people who gather in a dying university cheering squad, leaving their brilliant history behind. With the full-fledged romance of Han Ji-Hyeon ( Do Hae-i) and Bae In-hyuk ( Park Jeong-woo), who ended their unrequited love, the drama has become a word-of-mouth drama.

In particular, the famous romance scene that captures both the freshness and excitement of youth is the number one contributor to the word of mouth of ‘Cheer Up’. So, let’s take a look at the famous romance scenes that led viewers to the path of being a ‘helper’.

Cheer Up Han Ji-Hyun and Bae In-hyuk

# Do-hae-i Romantic Sunshade (Episode 3)

Do Hae-i fell in love with leader Park Jung-woo through the activities of the cheering squad ‘Theia’. Do Hae-Yi’s expression of affection for Park Jung-woo was revealed without his knowledge. She covers the sunlight coming through the window with a book for Park Jeong-woo, who is sleeping in the library, and his heart trembles at Park Jeong-woo, who grabs his arm and says “don’t go” in his sleep. The heart that was attracted to Park Jung-woo was revealed without filtering, giving viewers a thrill.

# Park Jeong-woo’s arrhythmia self-diagnosis (episode 5)

In the meantime, Park Jung-woo could not hide his feelings for Do Hae-i, so he focused his attention. Park Jung-woo froze like ice at the sight of Do Hae-i sleeping with his head on his shoulder, and finally grabbed his beating heart and made a laugh by self-diagnosing, “Is it arrhythmia?” In addition, the Do-woo couple’s ‘something’ that only they do not know, such as grabbing Do Hae-Yi’s wrist, telling her the location of her constellation, treating Do Hae-i’s wounds, and worrying, “Be careful.

# Do Hae-i Powerful wrist grab (Episode 7)

Park Jeong-woo, whose feelings for Do Hae-i grew, tried to confess his love, but when Do Hae-i, who became the target of the three prophecies of ‘Theia’, received a series of warning letters, he gave up his heart to protect him. Nevertheless, Do Hae-yi was the first to gather courage. When Park Jeong-woo tried to go to his first love Lee Yu-min (Park Bo-Yeon), Do Hae-i suddenly grabbed Park Jeong-woo’s wrist and confessed, “Don’t go. It is a famous scene that left the viewer breathless with the sparks created by the two, the breathtaking tension, and even the background music.

# Confession of love Park Jeong-woo (Episode 10)

Park Jung-woo connected the momentary misunderstanding and divergence in his relationship with Do Hae-i with a love confession. Park Jung-woo was sitting on the beach in front of his house and talking about his late father. He was comforted by Do Hae-yi who patted him on the shoulder and remembered her mother’s advice, “Meeting good things in life is also luck in life.” In the end, Park Jeong-woo pulled the reins and said to Do Hae-i, “Yesterday you told me not to spill it. You’re right. I did it a little. So now I’m going to act properly without spilling it. I like it. I like Do Hae-i.”

# Do Hae-i and Park Jung-woo’s first kiss (Episode 11)

Do Hae-i’s answer was Park Jeong-woo. Do Hae-i was confused by a drunken kiss she shared with Jin Se-ho (played by Kim Hyun-jin) despite Park Jung-woo’s confession of “I like you”, the moment came when she realized her love. While walking together under an umbrella under the pouring rain, Do Hae-i became concerned about Park Jung-woo’s shoulder, which was barely touching her, and when her brother’s words, “You’ll find out on your own at some point,” came to mind, she was finally convinced of her heart. . In the end, Do Hae-Yi’s confession, “I’m sure you’re going. I like you,” and the Do-woo couple’s first kiss, which confirmed the sincerity of both sides, issued a thrilling warning to the home theatre.

Like this, the Dow couple in ‘Cheer Up’ is causing viewers to become overly immersed by crossing between excitement and power, tension and dizziness. As a result, attention is paid to what other famous scenes will be born in the romance of the two people who are running toward the peak.

Meanwhile, the 13th episode of ‘Cheer Up’, which will be broadcast on the 5th (Mon), will start at 9:50, 10 minutes earlier than the previous time, by relaying the round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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