On the Chuseok holiday, which star looks best in hanbok?Stars who beat Park Bo-gum, Kang Daniel, and Lee Seung-gi to take first place

During the Chuseok holiday, the star rankings that look best in hanbok have been released and are attracting attention. Seven Edu, a math education company, conducted a poll on ‘Stars who look best in hanbok for Chuseok holidays’ from August 10th to September 5th, targeting 2,377 people.

As a result of the survey, Lee Seung-gi (139 people, 5.8%) in 4th place, Daniel Kang (306 people, 12.9%) in third place, and Park Bo-gum (443 people, 18.46%) in second place, BTS Jimin took the long-awaited first place ( 1357 people, 57.1%).

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Chuseok holiday
Lee Seung-gi / Below News 1
Chuseok holiday

Jimin of BTS, who was chosen first, is the main dancer and lead vocalist of BTS with his dancing skills and outstanding singing ability, who entered the dance department at Busan Arts High School. In particular, Jimin made a lot of effort to spread Korean culture to the world, making domestic fans proud.

BTS Jimin
BTS Jimin

At the ‘2018 Melon Music Awards’, Jimin garnered a lot of attention when wearing hanbok and performing a traditional Korean fan dance performance. 

After that, Jimin showed off hanbok as a stage costume several times. The hanbok worn by Jimin is on display for free at the Chuncheon Raviebel Country Club, known as the first hanok golf course.

Source: WikiTree

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