Commercial ads in One Dollar Surely there will be advertising in the movie, which is something everyone knows, just the amount is more or less, the way of integration is subtle or not. As for me, I find most Korean drama have a clear and recognizable way of advertising, but still quite subtle, except for a few exposed cases below.

One Dollar Lawyer

commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer

One Dollar Lawyer is excellent because everything in the drama is pushed higher than usual, for example, hiring a lawyer for 1000 won is too virtual, but it is that magic that brings an Italian movie. Meaningful and humane, funny and interesting. Even the advertising in One Dollar Lawyer must be “exaggerated” than most other works.

The coffee and food brands in the film are enthusiastically advertised by the characters. The camera deliberately pointed close to what the brand name was, Namgoong Min, Kim Ji Eun also comfortably held the product to their face, brought it to their mouth to enjoy, commented on the taste, super rich expressions. 

commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer
commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer

Watching this, I guarantee people will mistakenly think I’m watching an ad, but no, this is a movie scene, rather, advertising scenes are inserted directly into the movie in a very methodical way. Sometimes after filming One Dollar Lawyer , the two male and female leads are invited to act in advertisements for these products.

Be Melodramatic

Referring to the advertising too revealing, I immediately popped up in the beginning of the legendary massage chair advertising segment in the movie Be Melodramatic . Because in the drama the characters are also in the entertainment industry, this chair ad was inserted into a movie scene so that the characters could build an advertisement. 

So the massage chair appeared with the righteous language, the characters were always very methodically advertised, the dialogue and expressions were all very acting, and there were also comments that should be said like this, so the dialogue that. So there is no need to think about how the massage chair also appears in the movie, which is very reasonable. It’s ridiculous but I still have to commend the idea of ​​the excellent Be Melodramatic crew.

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Lovestruck In The City

Lovestruck In The City is also a film where advertisements are shown openly without any arrangement. Because the female lead Kim Ji Won is a freelance marketer, of course she will have a commercial scene, the product will appear on the screen very clearly and neatly. In the movie scene, the female lead introduces herself as KOL for advertisers to find her, but of course, the audience like us knows this is a product advertisement. A double job, without losing the quality of the film, it can still be advertised, it’s convenient.

commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer
commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer
commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer

In addition, the drama also goes into the exploitation of the advertising theme, so the scenes with the product brand appearing are not controversial anymore because it is always related to the movie. So Lovestruck In The City is full of products and scenes that everyone knows are ads but no one dares to ask questions haha.

School 2015

commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer
commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer
commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer

The school drama School 2015 has a very funny way of integrating advertising, which is to let the male lead Yook Sung Jae become very funny in the scene of the 1-wheel tram commercial. The scene where the guy surfs on the road with this electric car in a very enjoyable position in the middle of a street full of cars is already funny. And the film crew also showed it close to the tram to show its superior features, which made the advertising segment even more funny because it was quite redundant, just born to advertise, not valuable for the content. film content.


commercial ads in  One Dollar Lawyer

Actress Yoo In Na in Goblin is both beautiful and cool, her chicken shop is really the place to focus on advertising. From the water closet in the bar filled with branded water bottles I knew there was an advertisement. But more cute is the scene where Yoo In Na even holds a water bottle close to her face to clearly show the brand, then also talks about the moisturizing effect of the water bottle, wanting her sister Ji Eun Tak to pay attention. to drink more. 

Although it’s a bit funny to look at and it’s a bit ridiculous, but because Yoo In Na’s face is so pretty and the advertising voice is so cute, I “forgive” it.

Of course, movies must have sponsorship, must have advertising, then it will generate revenue, but how to integrate it is not an easy problem. Look, One Dollar Lawyer is too obvious, to let the character be so enthusiastic, why doesn’t the scriptwriter always build the plot of the main cast to work as an advertising KOL to make money to maintain the law office 1000 won, right? I find it very reasonable.

Source: Diennah

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