in Curtain Call Kang Ha Neul and ha ji won, which is gaining popularity as a single play for a terminally ill grandmother and is arousing a desire to run, has released famous legendary ending scenes that made viewers laugh and cry. before that let’s look at the Curtain Call: 5 reasons to look forward to the finale episode featuring Kang Ha Neul, and ha ji won

“On a big and beautiful stage” is Prelude to a play by Jeon Geum-soon (Episode 1)

Yoo Jae-heon (played by Kang Ha-neul), is an unknown actor and upright young man on the verge of achieving his part-time job. One day, while he was meticulously taking care of theatrical performances despite his tight part-time job schedule, Jeong Sang-Cheol (Sung Dong-il), the former general manager of Hotel Nakwon and the right-hand man of Geum Soon-soon (Go Doo-shim), appeared. “Let’s act on a big, beautiful stage that will change your life,” he suggested a play for Geumsun Geumsun, a grandmother who was terminally ill for three months, and the incident began.

‘Are you Ri Mun Seong?’ Dramatic reunion with grandson (episode 2)

Yoo Jae-hun, who decided to live as Ri Mun-Seong, the grandson from the North, for three months to act for only one person, entered the family of Ja Geum-Soon. Beyond the division brought about by the Cold War and the separation brought by decades of life, Geumsun Geum-soon looks at Yoo Jae-heon and asks, “Are you Ri Moon-seong?” with sad eyes decorated with a thrilling reunion ending that even made viewers feel dejected.

Ja Geum-Soon Funeral Banquet 1 second before revealing identity (Episode 6)

Curtain Call  Kang Ha Neul and ha ji won
KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Curtain Call’/Photo = KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Curtain Call’ broadcast screen capture


A big crisis came to Yoo Jae-heon, who was performing surprise plays for Geum-soon one by one as planned. Instead of a gloomy funeral, Ja Geum-Soon decided to hold a bright banquet where she could say her last goodbyes with a smile. A situation where it is obvious that someone will reveal their identity among the unspecified number of people visiting the banquet hall. Yoo Jae-heon’s uneasy premonition came true, and his fake wife, Seo Yoon-hee (Jung Ji-so), who was in the play together, was in danger of running into her mother, Ga-young (Jang Hye-jin), giving viewers a thrilling sense of tension.

“Grandma, I’ll solve everything” Fake & real grandson looking at Ja Geum soo (Episode 11)

Jeon Geum-soon returned to the coffee shop where she met Ri Mun-Seong (played by Noh Sang-Hyeon), the real grandson from North Korea. When she first met him, he asked for a seat, and she did not recognize that he was her real grandson, was attracted to him and came again. While Geum soo was waiting for Ri Mun-Seong, her fake grandson, Yu Jaeheon, appeared and massaged her on the shoulder, comforting her with the ambiguous words, “I will release everything in the future.” The heart-wrenching ending was adorned with Ri Wen-sung looking at the two from afar with a sad look.

“I like you” Yoo Jae-heon’s Moonlight Confession (Episode 12)

Yoo Jae-heon’s identity was discovered due to Song Hyo-jin (Jeong Yu-jin) whom he met as an acting lover in the past. Park Se-Yeon, who found it difficult to secure a stake in her hotel due to her fake brother, accepted the heart of her former fiancé Bae Dong-Je (played by Kwon Sang-woo) and expressed his intention to marry her. In response, Yoo Jae-heon insisted on getting married without even thinking about it but eventually confessed. It was decorated with an ending that exploded the excitement of viewers with a plain moonlight confession of “I like you,” befitting a pure and unaffected personality. Park Se-Yeon, who replied, “I like you too,” will she sincerely accept Yoo Jae-heon’s heart?

‘Curtain Call’, which has been on the rise in popularity with a thrilling reversal development and a dramatic ending given by a feast of characters, has four episodes remaining, including the direction of an exciting square romance, the sincerity of fake and real grandchildren, and the beautiful final life journey of Geum Soon. It is expected to provide a variety of echoes

Source: Daum

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