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Nearly Kiss you Tak Dong-Kyung (Doom at your service episode 5)

Doom at your service: episode 5 opens with Myul Mang who was seen angry at Tak Dong-Kyung, He was suddenly attacked by an inmate in front of the hospital, and Tak Dong-Kyung, who see him coming encircled Myul mang in her efforts to protect him.

Doom at your service episode 5

Instead Myul mang protect Dong-kyung and said, “Stay still, don’t look. It’s nothing worth seeing,” he said, making the inmate draw his throat with a scalpel with his own hand. He later looked at Dong-Kyung, and said, “You can’t love me. Everyone hates me, wants me Or afraid of me,” He acknowledged. Myul mang who was angrily said, “What are you? What are you doing? You said you wanted me dead. Why did you do that when you knew that I wouldn’t die? Myul mang ask if Dong-Kyung think he will let the inmate stab him, If you intervene without knowing the subject, you will die.” he said.

Doom at your service  recaps

Dong-Kyung looking at him venting his anger said, “What’s the point of not dying? When you are bleeding like this. Why do you always look so sick? What do you want me to do? I did it just in case it hurt. I’m afraid it’ll hurt you more.” She said, expressing her feelings. As they were talking Tak Sun-Kyung Hug his sister in tears, after hearing that his sister is terminal ill. He gives Myul Mang Permission to date his sister.

Doom at your service episode 5

Later in the night, Myul Mang revisited the crime scene alone. “Why did you do that?” asked Shin (Jeong Ji-so) about why he saves Dong-Kyung, “Because she did it first, It’s just If she dies over there, we can’t end the world” Myul Mang Replies. Or what the hell are you thinking?” he grumbled. Shin, Then ask why will Dong-Kyung protect him, not been able to read her mind Myul Mang said he is also curious to know that, instead Shin advises him to ask her. Meanwhile, When he asks her, Dong-Kyung said “I just saved you. What does it mean? Is it because I’d disappear if you’re going to die?” he questioned. Tak wondered, “Is that so? What do you think?” And Myul Mang asks again, “How do I know that? “I can’t hear your mind because of the contract,” he said, Tak Dong-Kyun ask him to try and read her mind through understanding her. Since then, he has been following Dong-Kyung on the pretext of watching her.

The Next day, Dong-Kyung tells Myul Mang, not to read the minds of people, but judge them as he sees and added, After reading the thoughts of the person standing opposite him, “I think she wants to drink. “She hasn’t had a drink for two weeks because she got an arm lift, Dong-Kyung Tells him to watch them not to read their mind. Later in the day when Dong-Kyung is going home, she ran into Myul Mang on the train, while seating she realized the mistake he made when uploading “wake up as singer” written by Young Prince, as result of the mistake Young Prince was angry at the publisher’s mistake and announced that he would stop publishing the series.

Tak met Young Prince per her Boss’s order, looking down at her the Young Prince thought he should stop written since he wrote despite his busy time but the post-it was the wish which makes him sad, he said. Dong-Kyung tries her best to persuade him by buying him Delicious food at his request and withstanding his Rude behavior, however, Myul Mang disguise himself as Chief and keeps interrupting her efforts and ends up provoking the Young Prince.

On the same day, Dong-Kyung ran into Myul Mang again while going home. Myul asks her to make a wish for Money, and Tak said, “That’s enough. I’m going to use it for a perfect thing. Myul Mang covering Tak’s eyes and teleporting her to the beach he had taken her in her dreams, Dong-Kyung was moved to see the sea and recalled the past, saying, “It’s my first time talking about it, but I came out here and sat like this if I wanted to cry.”Myul Mang said, “You can cry alone when no one sees you. Then no one would know,” Tak said, “I know. I know. I hate it so much. And she asks Why is Myul Mang being nice to her all of a sudden, then he replies “to seduce you. “Just kidding,” he smiled, and Tak said, “Do you want to kiss?” Tak avoided Myul Mang as he approached to kiss her, seeing that Myul Mang say, “Let’s pretend I didn’t hear it.” Myul Mang is Eventually open his heart to Tak Dong-Kyung the two couples sat together to watch over the stars in the river.

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Myul Mang and Tak Dong-Kyung are already in love with each other, anyway I think Myul Mang fall for Dong-Kyung first, but he was never ready to open his heart to her. Now that Dong-Kyung starts to reciprocate his love the romantic moment between them is lively.

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