Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s conspiracy “The motif of the drama ‘Woo Young-woo’ is Park Won-soon” Absurd conspiracy theory that comes out of vain. Because it is called “Park Won-Soon”, it is unreasonable to weave a certain person” to be vigilant.

ENA 'Strange lawyer Woo Young-woo"
ENA ‘Strange lawyer Woo Young-woo’

Explosive popularity ENA drama ‘Strange lawyer Woo Young-woo‘ is not when I’ve been engulfed in political controversy. In the play, a human rights lawyer caused an inquiry into the molestation of a female employee. Park Won-soon, who lost his life, was the motif of the former Seoul mayor Because allegedly. The main character, Woo Young-woo, also claims that the color of Park’s former mayor is reflected in Came out. There’s a side to the drama that viewers will feel that way. There are. However, there is a criticism that unreasonable ‘specific weaving should be vigilant.

Ryu Jae-sook, a character who appeared in the 12th episode of the drama in various online communities It was modeled after the former mayor of Park.

Ryu Jae-sook, played by actor Lee Bong-ryeon, is a human rights lawyer from a civil activist In defense of 100 female employees who were resigned due to sex differences between the four sides. Emphasizing solidarity between women without losing but frustrating Drawn as figures.

Some people say, “Ryu Jae-sook’s model is the mayor of Old Park.” Presented evidence.

First, Ryu Jae-sook and former Mayor Go Park are both human rights lawyers. He has frequently taken on related litigation. Former Mayor Park was Korea’s first sexual harassment lawsuit in 1993, ‘Seoul National University Assistant Woo sexual harassment He proceeded to defend the case.

The scene in which Ryu Jae-sook recites a poem at the end of the drama is also similar It was named as evidence. Park Jeon Mayor Kim Soo-young poet at a memorial event for the founding of a media company in the past I read a poem.

The fact that former Mayor Park radiated dolphins during his tenure has also been re-established.. In 2012, Mayor Park held a dolphin show in Seoul National Park for ‘ animal cruelty’ After stopping, a total of five dolphins were radiated into the wild. The name of one dolphin released at the time is “Taishan”, which appears in the drama The name of the law firm is “Taesan Law Firm”. The dolphin is described as the ‘best’ of the main character, Woo Young-woo, and this is also a guess I’m adding it.

Gaze is associated with Mayor Park Jeon and writer Moon Won, who wrote the drama Gather. Moon is from an alternative school founded by former Mayor Park, so he is warm. There was also a voice that drew.

So far, depending on your perspective, you might want to talk about something that is more or less unique. There are. The problem is the far-fetched connection.

Woo Young-woo=Park Won-soon came up to Efrem Korea, an online community of conservative tendencies One example is the article ” I found evidence.” The writer prepares for scenes in the drama and episodes of Mayor Park’s life. Tried finding contacts.

In the 8th episode of the drama, Woo Young-woo ‘Kwon Mo Suul-soo’ Kwon Min-woo(Joo Jong-hyuk-min)and the back of the There is a scene where you take the action of hitting the name.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo's conspiracy
Drama “Strange lawyer Woo Young-woo”

In January 2017, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon took a punch machine on the boulevard It was connected with the appearance.

Park Won-soon, Former Seoul Mayor Instagram
Park Won-soon, Former Seoul Mayor Instagram

This is not the only thing.Some people enjoy gimbap asthe main character’s favorite food in the drama It was also matched with Park Jeon Shijing.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo's conspiracy
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon July 21, 2015 in Bangbae-bon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul There are no gimbap restaurants specializing in gimbap. Mayor Park is in the field of economic recovery in Seoul, which has been hit by Mers We are visiting all over the scene of civic life to find out. / News 1

Ephem Korea also has this connection.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo's conspiracy
Drama ” Strange lawyer Woo Young-woo’
The opening ceremony of the 2019 Seoul Kimjang Cultural Festival was held at Seoul City Hall Square on November 1, 2019Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon(left)and Governor Lee Jae-myung of Gyeonggi-do attended" I'm doing a memorial shoot. / Yonhap News
The opening ceremony of the 2019 Seoul Kimjang Cultural Festival was held at Seoul City Hall Square on November 1, 2019Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon(left)and Governor Lee Jae-myung of Gyeonggi-do attended the’ I’m doing a memorial shoot. / Yonhap News

The main character Woo Young-woo with autism spectrum disorder is worried about the surrounding noise Because it is sensitive, you always wear headphones outside to block it. In January 2012, Mayor Park visited the site of the restoration of the damage caused by the Seoul Udmyunsan landslide A scene in which he climbed into a helicopter and wore headphones to shut off the deafness. In the prepared post, only the laughter comes out.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo's conspiracy
Drama ” Strange lawyer Woo Young-woo’
Yonhap News
Yonhap News

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