‘Family Register Mate’: Lee Kyung-gyu’s daughter Lee Ye-rim confessed to having nose surgery.

Actress Lee Ye-rim, the daughter of comedian Lee Kyung-gyu and the wife of soccer player Kim Young-chan, confessed to plastic surgery on her nose on ‘Family Register Mate‘.

Lee Ye-rim appeared on the MBC entertainment program ‘Family Register Mate‘, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 20th.

Lee Ye-rim on 'Family Mate'
Lee Ye-rim on ‘Family Mate’
Family Register Mate

In response, Kim Jong-eun said, “The studio is very crowded. But Kyung-Gyu-senpai will be a little quiet today. Because our Ye-rim is here. Then, Ye-rim Lee introduced herself, saying, “I am the daughter of comedian Lee Kyung-Gyu.”

Din Din, who looked at Lee Ye-rim quietly, said, “Really… It’s been great~ It’s been really good~”. Yerim Lee has had her surgery on her recently injuring her face in her bag. Kim Jong-eun scolded him, “No, if you keep mentioning it on TV like that… It’s rude”, and DinDin explained, “Because you talked first.”

Then Kim Jong-un said to Lee Ye-rim, “But please tell me where the hospital is. It’s so pretty. Please give me the phone number.” On the other hand, ‘Family Register Mate’ is a real-life brother and sister exploration project program that looks like something else.

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