Actor Lee Kyu-han conveyed a change of mind after being acquitted of assault.

On the 22nd, MBN’s ‘Blindly Tour – Whatever You Want’ aired on the 22nd, and Choi Yeo-jin and Lee Kyu-han, who had been friends for 10 years, went on a trip to Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do.

On this day, Shin Ae-ra asked Choi Yeo-jin and Lee Kyu-han, “I wonder how you feel these days. How did you come to today?”

Actor Lee Kyu-han and actress Choi Yeo-jin
Actor Lee Kyu-han and actress Choi Yeo-jin

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Choi Yeo-jin Talking About Her Life

Choi Yeo-jin said, “I do what I want. That is the motive of my life. These days, I just live the way I feel and do what I want, just like this program. It was hard,” he said frankly.

He continued, “Thanks to Kyu-han oppa, it was a place where I could breathe as I came into contact with water skiing and started a leisure life. As I started to feel its charm, I came to like nature more.”

Choi Yeo-jin is currently living in Gapyeong. He said, “I got a season room in Gapyeong and live with a single bed. If I just wake up there, if the weather is nice, I ride (water leisure) once, if I’m tired, I take a nap, and if I want to eat, I eat.” There are times when I feel anxious, so I think I can focus more on my work.”

Actor Lee Kyu-han
Actor Lee Kyu-han

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“The stress index has dropped. Getting the balance right is the shortcut to a healthy and happy life,” she added.

Lee Kyu-han Talking About His Life

Next, Lee Kyu-han said, “Actually, these days I was very confused, but this has passed a bit and now it has subsided a little. Actually, last year, something bad happened to me, so I took a break unintentionally.”

He said, “I looked for other things like this, but I didn’t know how to do it. A means of earning money, in short, what I can do as a job. At that moment, my fear suddenly came. I felt that I was at a level where I had to sit down.’ I wondered if I had been living my life wrong up to now.”

He continued, “My personality is too planned and I’ve been entrapping myself too thoroughly. From now on, I don’t want to draw anymore. “Life didn’t go the way I planned. I feel lighter because I put it down.”

Choi Yeo-jin, who heard this, said, “So I wish I could come to Gapyeong once. I want to be able to live that kind of life. It’s like a flowing river.” “That doesn’t break it. heard.

Previously, in 2020, Lee Kyu-han was charged with assaulting a man in Gangnam, Seoul, and was sent to the prosecution in November last year. As a result, Lee Kyu-han got off from SBS’s ‘Again My Life‘, the comprehensive programming channel JTBC’s ‘Green Mothers Club‘, and the comprehensive programming channel TV Chosun’s ‘Golf King 2‘.

Lee Kyu-han Acquitted

In January, the 5th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (Chief Prosecutor Park Gyu-hyung) dismissed Lee Kyu-han, who was charged with assaulting a driver under the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes, due to insufficient evidence.

In response, Lee Kyu-han posted on his Instagram, “The results I thought were very natural… It took a year and a half. I’m just heartbroken… but I also think that this is my fault as I have a career as a celebrity.” I am truly sorry to everyone who took part in the works that I caused trouble. And I sincerely thank the many people who believed in me, worried about me, and supported me from beginning to end.”

Source: Daum

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