From Kpop To Kdrama, The prejudice that idols can’t act is now a thing of the past. As the boundary between singer and actor is blurred, an increasing number of all-around entertainers are active in building their own fields in both fields. The so-called “acting idols (actors + idols)” who have built up their careers step by step have confidently established themselves as actors, being recognized for their skills against prejudice.

While the performance of idols who are growing into actors to be trusted and watched with outstanding acting skills is becoming more prominent day by day, many acting models have also received great love from viewers by shining their acting skills in various works this year. Let’s look at acting idols who performed impressive performances in 2022, From Kpop To Kdrama.

‘Blind’, ‘Drink Now, Work Later 2’ Jeong Eun-ji From Kpop To Kdrama.

From Kpop To Kdrama

Jung Eun-ji, who created another life character with ‘Drink Now, Work Later 2‘ last year, continued her upward trend with two dramas this year, boasting different charms. Jung Eun-ji, who gave a strong impact in her first acting challenge with tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’, is expanding her position by showing her various performances with her stable acting skills and refreshing charm.

Jung Eun-ji, who played the role of social worker Jo Eun-ki and a juror in the Joker murder case in the tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘Blind‘, received favourable reviews for her three-dimensional expression of a righteous and human character. Jung Eun-ji’s realistic acting, which gave her body and mind, shined in genre dramas as well.

Then, in ‘Drink Now, Work Later 2‘, which was first released on the 9th, she showed off a stronger girl crush. Jung Eun-ji, who made a comeback as Kang Ji-gu with her chic and easy-going charm, showed a lively performance in her play as if she was wearing a tailored suit. She spat out her words as if she was indifferent, but her heart perfectly digested her warm character, foreshadowing another ‘Kang Earth Sickness’.

‘Weak Hero’ Park Ji-hoon

From Kpop To Kdrama


Wanna One’s Park Ji-hoon, who shouted ‘save it in my heart’, reached a new turning point as an actor through ‘Weak Hero’ released this year. Park Ji-hoon, who played the role of Yeon Si-Eun, a voluntary outsider who only studies, in the original wave drama ‘Weak Hero Class 1‘, garnered a lot of attention by persuasively explaining the process of a top 1% model student and his first friends to confront countless violence.

Park Ji-hoon plays Yeon Si-Eun, who is 180 degrees different from the bright appearance he has shown so far, and has delicate emotional acting as well as spectacular action, becoming the number one contributor to the box office success. Thanks to the actors’ performance, ‘Weak Hero’ is creating a sensation immediately after its release, with Wave not only recording the first place in paid subscribers in 2022 but also occupying the top ranks in various topical indices. 

‘Golden Spoon’ Yook Sung-Jae

Yook Sungjae, who was loved by BTOB for his outstanding vocals and playful sense of humour, made an impression on viewers by showing off his stable acting skills and warm visuals from his first acting challenge. From KBS2’s ‘Who Are You – School 2015’ to tvN’s ‘Goblin’ and JTBC’s ‘Ssanggappocha’, he clearly showed his presence and chose MBC’s ‘Golden Spoon‘ as his return work after being discharged from the military.

Yook Sung-Jae, who plays the role of Lee Seung-Cheon, a student who dreams of reversing his life with a golden spoon, took control of the small screen with his more mature visuals and acting skills. Yook Sung-Jae expressed the agony and conflict of the character who became a ‘gold spoon’ from ‘dirt spoon’ with sincerity, leading the immersion with acting that became one with the character.

Doh Kyung-soo, a ‘Bad Prosecutor’

Starting with SBS’ ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’, tvN’s ‘Hundred Days My Prince’, the movie ‘Brother’, ‘Along with the Gods’, ‘Swing Kids’, etc. He showed a new look and performed unrivalled.

Do Kyung-soo, who plays the role of Jin Jin, an unparalleled prosecutor who does not hesitate to use expedients and tricks to punish the wicked, completely transforms into a clever prosecutor and spreads a wide spectrum of acting from comic to action. He gave catharsis to viewers every time with his unique ‘Cider Ilgal’ as well as his long-term deep eyes and emotional acting.

‘Twenty-Five Twenty One, Bona

From Kpop To Kdrama

WJSN’s Bona, who has solidified her acting career by appearing in a number of works such as KBS 2TV’s ‘Lingerie Girls’ Generation’ and KBS 2TV’s ‘Your House Helper, is an actress who played the role of Go Rim, the national fencing representative, in tvN’s ’25 Twenty One’ this year. Kim Ji-yeon’s name was imprinted on viewers.

Bona was loved by the public performing a variety of performances, from the intense charisma of the national fencing team to deep emotional acting to the excitement of fresh first love. Bona, who portrayed her shining youth, challenges her historical drama for the first time with her new MBC drama ‘Joseon Lawyer‘.


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