Go Yoon Jung and Hwang Min Hyun

Alchemy Of Souls: Light and Shadow‘ depicts the unexpected meeting between Jin Bu-Yeon (Go Yoon-Jung) and Seo-Yul (Hwang Min-Hyun) in the video That was pre-released.

In the last broadcast Go Yoon Jung and Hwang Min Hyun, Seo-Yul, who was struggling with the pain of blood clots, was drawn to meet Jin Bu-Yeon. Jin Bu-Yeon said that she mistook her groom for Seo-Yul, who went out to look for her, so she went to him and said, “Last night, she left her heart elsewhere. I can’t break my drunken heart from the drink I drank there,” she said, expressing her intention to refuse the marriage.

In the meantime, Seoyul asked Jin Bu Yeon, “ did we meet?” and recalled her face seem familiar, raising questions about whether Seoyul would be able to recognize Naksu, his first love.

Go Yoon Jung and Hwang Min Hyun


Among them, the released video contains the reunion of Jin Bu-Yeon and Seoul, which radiates dizzying tension, raising expectations. Jin Bu-Yeon, who was hiding in a canteen and got wet, and Seo-Yul, who couldn’t find a place to look, heightened the dizzying tension.

The reunion place of the two also draws attention. It’s a gambling house in Gaemagol. In particular, since Gaemagol is a gloomy neighbourhood inhabited by fortune-tellers, as well as clowns, dramatic anticipation gathers as to why Jin Bu-Yeon and Seo-Yul visited Gaemagol. 

Meanwhile, Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow will be Broadcast tonight at 9:10.

Source: Daum

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