Go Yoon Jung plastic Surgery, Recently, netizens have found a series of past photos of Go Yoon Jung and defended her against malicious rumors about beauty.

Go Yoon Jung is currently an actress attracting a lot of attention from the public when taking on the main role in the movie ” Alchemy Of Souls Season 2” . Not only making her mark on acting, her beauty is also a hotly discussed topic on online forums. Go Yoon Jung has been praised many times for her face with diamond ratio – excellently beautiful to every five senses. However, there is a lot of information that she has cosmetic interventions on many parts of her face to be so beautiful.

Netizens defend Go Yoon Jung against accusations of facial aesthetics - Photo 1.

On January 4, an internet user uploaded a photo of Go Yoon Jung in high school (left photo) and then it went viral. The beauty of the girl in the photo is far different from Go Yoon Jung at the moment, making people suspect that the actress has made many cosmetic interventions on her face. However, the truth was later revealed.

Netizens defend Go Yoon Jung against accusations of facial aesthetics - Photo 2.

The photo on the left is said to have been edited to become worse. Go Yoon Jung’s classmate then released the original photo in the yearbook, proving that the actress’s beauty was not the same as the photo on the left. Many of Go Yoon Jung’s classmates not only complimented her beauty but also left many positive comments about her personality and attitude towards classmates.

Netizens defend Go Yoon Jung against accusations of facial aesthetics - Photo 3.

Soon after, photos of Go Yoon Jung in the past were released consecutively. Most people think that the actress only intervened to fix her nose as she once admitted, in addition, Go Yoon Jung did not touch many parts of her face with cutlery as rumored. The actress’s five senses: big eyes, clear double eyelids, full lips, small face… are said to be completely natural.

Netizens defend Go Yoon Jung against accusations of facial aesthetics - Photo 4.

Right from the time she sat on the school chair, Go Yoon Jung’s beauty was judged to be quite outstanding

Before becoming an actor like now, Go Yoon Jung used to model photos for small magazines. Although she only wears light makeup, her face lines are still quite clear. Netizens think that Go Yoon Jung is really just a nose job



At the present time, Go Yoon Jung has become a model of beauty that many young people choose to undergo surgery. She received a lot of attention with her diamond-shaped face, whether it was light or sophisticated makeup, she was very beautiful and shining. Comparing the current photo with the past photo, many comments say that the actress’s facial features have not changed as much as it is rumored.

Go Yoon Jung appeared in a drama with light makeup but still beautiful and attractive

The real-life photos posted by her on her personal page attract many likes thanks to her beautiful beauty

The set of photos taken by Go Yoon Jung with clear makeup until now, every time I look at it, it still makes people fall in love

source: Kenh14

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