Golden Spoon Kdrama: if you had a ‘gold spoon’ that could change your parents, what would be your choice?

On the 23rd, MBC’s Friday-Saturday Kdrama ‘The Golden Spoon’ was the first broadcast. This drama is the story of a life adventure in which a child born in a poor family accidentally got a gold spoon and changed their fate with a friend who was born in a wealthy family and became an acquired gold spoon. 

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Golden Spoon Kdrama

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Seung-Cheon (Yuk Seong-Jae), who lives with an earthen spoon, and Hwang Tae-Yong (Lee Jong-won), who has a gold spoon but struggles with the pressure of their father Hwang Hyeon-do (Choi Won-young), were drawn. Let’s take polls

Having A Golden Spoon that Could Change your Parents What will be Your choice

A life-changing opportunity

You can’t change your parents anyway

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