Ha Ji-won leaves for Interstellar in search of a black hole. The second episode of ‘Kiss the Universe Season 2’, aired on December 22nd, ‘Black Hole and the End of the Universe’, aired on December 22, revealed the adventure story of actor Ha Ji-won, who runs towards the end of the universe after meeting a space monster, Black Hole, and parting with his imaginary twin brother. do.

‘Kisser The Universe Season 2’ is a sci-fi space adventure documentary that goes back to the moment of the Big Bang in search of the secrets of the universe aboard a virtual spaceship.

Ha Ji-won, who debuted as a presenter with stable progress and realistic acting in the first broadcast of ‘Kiss the Universe Season 2’ on December 15th, this time goes on a wider space adventure.

While traveling in space 1.3 billion light years away in a faster-than-light spaceship, Ha Ji-won witnesses a strange phenomenon in which two suspicious celestial bodies rotate strongly. This is a collision of giant black holes. And after 1.3 billion years, scientists on Earth succeeded in observing the cosmic event of the collision of two black holes at one thousandth of an atomic nucleus, leading to the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Black holes are the strangest objects we can imagine. Because it contracts to infinity toward the center. At this time, nothing can escape if it crosses the ‘event horizon’. If we understand black holes, wouldn’t we be able to uncover the fundamental secrets of the universe? The reason why Ha Ji-won takes a risk and travels to a black hole will be revealed on this day’s broadcast.

Ha Ji-won

To take a closer look at the black hole, Ha Ji-won sends her virtual digital twin in a spacecraft close to the event horizon. The twin brother who continued to explore by walking a tightrope with the enormous gravity of a black hole. The speed of the ship gradually slows down, and the moment Ha Ji-won says that it is dangerous to approach her any further, communication with her brother is cut off. Two people who have been captured by the powerful power of a black hole. Attention is focusing on whether Ha Ji-won will be able to meet his younger brother again in a black hole where time and space are jumbled. (Photo = Provided by KBS

Source: Daum

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