Hari and Yurim

This female ( Ha-Ri of Business Proposal)  idol received a lot of praise from the audience for her acting performance. With such an impressive performance in ” A Business Proposal “, the audience could not believe that the female lead Kim Se Jeong is a K-pop idol. However, objectively speaking, currently, with the role of Ha Ri, Kim Se Jeong ( Ha-Ri of Business Proposal) did not have the opportunity to show off much of her acting ability. In the first episodes, her character is mostly likable, there aren’t many scenes that need to show inner acting ability.

Ha Ri of A Business Proposal

Talking about the most impressive acting idols today, it’s perhaps Bona, who takes on the role of Ko Yu Rim in Twenty Five, Twenty-one. Although the character caused a lot of controversies, Bona’s acting is undeniably impressive, especially in the painful scenes. The way she performed was not like an idol who kicked across the field, many people were confused, thinking that Bona was a rookie actress, not an Idol.

Yu-rim of Twenty-five Twenty-one
Bona’s look at Twenty Five, Twenty One

Audience comments:

-Your face suits being an actor, I don’t think you’re an idol for acting. Acting or fainting, I can’t hate it when I see it

– Bona’s acting is so good, from Girl Generation 1979 to Your House Helper, everything was ok

-She’s good at acting, I wouldn’t know if she didn’t say it, she’s an idol

-The part where she jumped down and shed tears and cried by the pool, I cried too, Bona was so good at acting

-Her eyes are perfect for real acting, I feel like she doesn’t have the vibe of an idol, the decision to kick the pitch is so right

The audience praised Bona’s performance in Twenty Five, Twenty One.
Ha Ri of A Business Proposal And Yu-rim of Twenty-five Twenty-one
Yu-rim of Twenty-five Twenty-one

As for Bona personally, she debuted as an idol and was a member of the Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls. She began her acting career with a role in Chicago Typewriter in 2017. In the same year, she was cast as the female lead in the teen drama Girls Generation 1979. Her youthful visuals, natural acting, and diverse expressions leave a good impression. After the success of Girls Generation 1979, Bona continued to work hard in other dramas such as Radio Romance, The Secret of the Grand Mansion: The Missing Girls, Homemade Love Story, etc.

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