It’s Beautiful Now‘ ep 46, Park Ji-young was diagnosed with liver cancer.

In the 46th episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama it’s Beautiful now’, which was broadcast on the 4th, Jin Soo-Jung (Park Ji-young) was delighted with the news of the pregnancy of Lee Hyun-Jae (Yoon Si-Yoon) and Hyun Mi-rae (Bae Da-bin).

On this day, Lee Hyun-Jae and Hyun Mi-rae announced that they were pregnant. Lee Yoon-Jae (Oh Min-Seok) and Shim Hae-jun (Shin Dong-mi) were one step behind Lee Hyun-Jae and Hyun Mi-rae, and in order not to lose the dream of Han Kyung-ae (Kim Hye-ok), they suddenly confessed that they were pregnant.

Lee Min-ho (Park Sang-won) asked, “Didn’t you have a dream at that time?”, and Han Kyung-ae (Kim Hye-ok) said, “I dreamed of two, but the one I saw recently was a diamond ring.” At this time, Yoon-Jae Lee was convinced, “That will be ours,” and Hae-jun Shim retorted, “Mother. That’s ours.”

It's Beautiful Now' ep 46

Lee Hyun-jae was puzzled, “What is it? Suddenly, a diamond ring is a good thing.” Shim Hae-jun said, “It’s not because I’m not. I’m also pregnant.”

Yoon-jae Lee explained, “Hae-jun is pregnant. Last time there was a commotion because of a bad pregnancy. This time, we didn’t tell you until we were sure.”

Lee Yoon-Jae boasted, “It’s a Tae-Myung. It’s a bummer. It’s good to just build a Tae-Myung,” and boasted. Not only that, in the next episode preview Lee Yoon-Jae showed Cubad syndrome, and he had morning sickness instead of severe Hae-jun.

In particular, Jin Soo-Jung and Han Kyung-ae prepared side dishes for Lee Hyun-Jae and Hyun Mi-rae, and Hyun Mi-rae gave Jin Soo-Jung and Han Kyung-ae the house password. Knowing this, Lee Hyun-Jae realized that the present future and her personality are very different.

Afterward, Lee Hyun-Jae asked, “Is it okay for other people to come into our house when we’re not here? But why didn’t you teach your mother the password?” Hyun Mi-rae asked, “Isn’t it a bit hard to call your mothers different people?”.

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Its Beautiful Now ep 46

Lee Hyun-jae said, “I didn’t even teach my mother. I tend to keep my privacy strictly.” Hyun Mi-rae said, “You came for us. I taught my mother, but you can’t not teach my mother-in-law. You can change it,” he said.

Lee Hyun-jae asked, “Are you going to do that again next time?” and Hyun Mi-rae said, “I think I’ll come to a conclusion and ask. Lee Hyun-jae and Hyun Mi-rae understood each other better and overcame their personality differences in a friendly atmosphere.

However, Jin Soo-Jung was happy to see Lee Hyun-Jae and Hyun Mi-rae happy together. Afterward, She underwent a medical examination she had been putting off until Jin Soo-Jung found her biological parents. However, she heightened the tension in the drama when Jin Soo-Jung was diagnosed with liver cancer. As this comes as shocking news this episode broke its own highest ratings.

Its Beautiful Now ep 46

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research company, episode 46 of the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘It’s Beautiful Now, which aired on September 4, recorded 28.9% of the nationwide ratings. This is a 2.2%p increase compared to the previous 45th episode of 26.8%. It is also higher than the previous highest rating of 28.8% recorded in episode 42.

On this day’s ‘You’re Beautiful, Jin Soo-Jung (Park Ji-young), who was diagnosed with liver cancer, was drawn. Meanwhile, the 12th episode of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Good Detective 2‘ recorded 5.982% viewership based on households subscribed to pay TV nationwide. (Photo=KBS)

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