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It’s Beautiful Now Sad Ending predicts, A violent storm hits the Bae Da-bin family in ‘It’s Beautiful Now.” The production team foretold, “Prepare tissue paper.”

In the KBS 2TV weekend drama series ‘It’s Beautiful Now’ Su-jeong (Park Ji-young) received a medical checkup and she encountered unexpected results. She has liver cancer. Moreover, through the preview video, the doctor tells her, “The liver is known to be silent. If you feel pain, it’ll be because it’s too late.” 

The shock from the doctor’s diagnosis was doubled with him saying, “The only option is a liver transplant.”

What worries me the most is her pregnant daughter, Mi-Rae (Dabin Bae), and her father, Kyung-Cheol (Park In-hwan), whom she found after 50 years. Mi-Rae went through a thorny road once because of her mother Su-Jeong’s ill family history. This is because it turns out that her current grandfather, Kyung-Cheol, is Su-Jeong’s biological father. Find ‘It’s Beautiful Now’ cast and summary

She suffered the pain of separation because it was impossible to register her marriage under family law. It was difficult to accept that family relations were entangled according to social norms. However, with Kyung-cheol’s decision not to restore parental authority, the two became a married couple with the blessings of both families. And the joy of pregnancy, which was not planned, also came. It's Beautiful Now korean drama family photo

Still, it must be her mother’s heart that she doesn’t want to disturb her daughter, who was hurt because of her. In the video above, it was also hinted that Su-jeong did not inform her about the liver cancer, which her family knew all about.

For Su-jeong, Kyung-cheol is the one who touches her heart more than anyone else. After meeting her biological father, she only expressed her resentment as to why she abandoned her without confirming her authenticity. 

She was adopted into a good family and she grew up without lack, but her painful feelings that go back and forth between her hatred and longing are because she always tormented herself. Her mother-in-law Jeong Jeong (Ban Hyo-jung), who is scrutinizing her family history, made her heartbroken and she couldn’t ignore her life. So, as soon as she saw Kyung-cheol, her emotions exploded. 

Only after clearing up her misunderstanding that she was not abandoned, she was able to call her “father”, and even after taking all of her own heartaches. er apologies were pushed to Kyung-cheol, whom she liked as her child. It seems difficult for the “romantic” father, who sends her daily greetings that there is the “friendly” father, who is supremely happy afterafterHafterafter resolving 50 years of accumulated pain.

While storm tears are already predicted, Hyun-ga’s family is expected to step out to save Su-jeong. In the video, “If there is a donor in the family, surgery can be done quickly.” Not only her husband Jin-heon (Byeon Woo-min), her son Jeong-hoo (Kim Kang-min), and her strong mother-in-law Semen are crying and saying, “All of our family should get tested.”

However, Su-jeong collapsing in the end, saying “I’m scared,” and Kyung-cheol smiling brightly at the pictures of her daughter’s youth that she had never seen, are reflected one after another, and already amplify the sadness.

The production team said, “Su-jeong found her biological father, Kyung-cheol. Mi-Rae became pregnant and dreamt of only hopeful days in the future. It will continue to unfold without tears to the extent that it has to be done. Please watch over how the whole family will get through this crisis.”It's Beautiful Now (Korean drama) photo

Episode 47 of ‘It’s Beautiful Now’ airs on the 10th at 8 PM.


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