the reaction of Kdrama Fans as IU and Gong Yoo meet once again, A combination I would like to meet among netizens’Goblin’ Kim Shin and ‘Hotel Del Luna‘ Jang Man-wol

The combination of Shin Kim in ‘Goblin’ played by Gong Yoo and Manwol Jang in ‘Hotel Del Luna’ played by IU caught the attention of netizens.

IU and Gong Yoo
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Recently on an online community, an article was posted, ‘ When the goblin Kim Shin and Hotel Del Luna Jang Man-wol meet ‘. Kim Shin and Jang Man-Wol are the characters who have been loved for their harshness in each work.

IU and Gong Yoo
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Netizens who saw the article commented, “I really hope they meet in a drama” or “It’s a fun combination just imagining”.

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IU and Gong Yoo

In fact, in 2009, in the first year of their debut, IU appeared as a guest on Gong Yoo radio while serving in the military at the time and promised to film each other’s work.

At the time, Gong Yoo said, “I think it’s okay to appear in a movie like Once. I’m very interested in music movies. I’ll be the male lead. As an actor, I really want to appear in such a movie.

Koi Kong

After hearing Gong Yoo’s words, IU said, “When the time comes, please write me. I’m going to do a similar movie later, but if someone else does, I’m afraid I’ll get hurt.”

Gong Yoo, who heard IU’s answer, promised, “The director is Gong Yoo. Investment is Gong Yoo. It’s a completely low-budget movie. Although 11 years have passed since their promise, they are being talked about as a ‘promise they want to come true’ among fans.

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