Jang Nara is getting married later today

Jang Nara is getting married later today, At 6 pm this afternoon (June 26), at an outdoor wedding venue in Seocho-gu, Seoul, Jang Nara will officially marry her fiance.

Jang Nara is getting married

(Photo: Allkpop)

Earlier this month, Jang Nara’s agency revealed that the 41-year-old actress will marry her boyfriend 6 years younger than her after 2 years of dating. Jang Nara’s fiance is said to be a film director and the couple first met on the set of ‘VIP’.

According to information from Korean media, the couple will hold a private wedding without the presence of the media. Previously, to ensure the personal information of fiance Jang Nara – a person who is said to be not famous – her company Lawon Munhwa announced its intention to sue those who spread information about her fiance. actress online.


Jang Nara suddenly announced her marriage

Jang Nara is getting married

Jang Nara’s wedding card image. The part of the fiance’s name has also been blurred

Source: Tiin


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