The Joseon Exorcism wave Affects A replay of the author’s previous work “Mr. Queen”

While SBS TV channels terminate their broadcasting right of Joseon exorcism after two episodes due to controversy over history distortion, the replay service of tvN’s drama “Mr. Queen,” written by the same Writer Park Kye-ok, has also been suspended.
On the 27th, Naver TV, OTT (Internet Video Service), Tving, etc., the official video and clip replay service of tvN’s drama ” Mr. Queen ” written by Park Gye-ok and directed by Yoon Sung-sik) has been suspended.

Joseon Exorcism And Mr. Queen

Although tvN did not take a special position, the industry believes that the decision was made in the aftermath amid the ongoing controversy over the distortion of history by “Joseon Exorcism .”
It might be because Mr. Queen was also embroiled in a controversy over the distortion of history by portraying “The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty” as “Jirachi” and making fun of Jongmyo Jeryeak.

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Although it’s distraught to see the popular fiction historical drama “Mr. Queen” who recorded high ratings thanks to the passionate performances of actors such as Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-Hyun, being Canceled. Whatever might happen, to Koreans History is everything, they can go to an extreme level to protect their history.

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What did you think about this controversy, that is also influencing Mr. Queen? Voice out your thoughts in the comments section below


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Shin Hye-sun was also dragged into the controversy which results in the loss of her Commercial ads, I know To Koreans History is everything, But what is her fault? Can someone tell me?

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