Hottest upcoming Kdrama in April 2022.

Kdrama in April 2022, is coming with extensive craze and Comedy. If you haven’t already been stunk into the world of the Korean drama craze, what have you even been doing? April 2022 is as good a time as ever to get started.
K-pop has become a rage everywhere in the world, including in South Africa, Vietnam, and the Philippines. with that influence, Korean dramas have also increased. People are going gaga over it. That explains the higher viewership of Kdramas on streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Disney+ Tv, and others. These are some of the most anticipated Korean Dramas of  April 2022. So without much delay, let’s track down all the upcoming K dramas that are about to air in April.

With the reappearance of a series of stars like Lee Byung-hun or Shin Min-a, many attractive Kdrama in April.

The romance and romance genre will dominate in the April Korean series, notably “Our Blues” with a star-studded cast or “Shooting Stars” which is an office romance. Meanwhile, “Green Mother’s Club” and “My Liberation Notes” will tell interesting stories about family themes.


Tomorrow Kdrama

Scheduled to be released in March, the drama “Tomorrow” has been rescheduled to early April. After “The King’s Affection”, male singer Rowoon from K-pop group SF9 will play the lead role in this drama. He plays Choi Joon-woong, a student from a prestigious family who graduated from a top university but still has trouble finding a suitable job.

One night, a male student accidentally spotted a man about to jump off a high-rise building and tried to stop the incident. From here, Choi Joon-woong begins to get entangled in thrilling stories while helping people who are contemplating suicide. The drama airs on MBC from April 1.

Green Mothers’ Club

Hottest upcoming Kdrama in April 2022.

Connecting to JTBC after the “Thirty-Nine” series ended is “Green Mothers’ Club”. The film tells a bittersweet story about friendship and the challenges that a group of 5 mothers has to go through in life. The women met when they joined the “parents association” because their children attended the same elementary school. They each had their own issues between motherhood and their personal lives but helped each other through.

The film stars Lee Yo-won (“Different Dreams”), Choo Ja-Hyun (“My Unfamiliar Family”), Kim Gyu-Ri (“God of War”), and Jang Hye-jin (“God of War”). Parasite”) and Joo Min-kyung (“Jirisan”). The drama will air its first episode on April 6.

Our Blues

Our Blues KDrama

“Our Blues” is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2022, with a bright cast including Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Kim Woo-bin, Han Ji-min, Cha Seoung- won, Uhm Jeong-Hwa, Kim Hye-ja, Ko Doo-shim, and Lee Jung-eun. The drama will tell the warm, sweet, and bitter stories of the residents of Jeju Island.

Just like in “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” (2021), Shin Min-a once again plays the role of a woman who has just moved to a seaside village. However, this time she does not work as a dentist but plays a female diver named Min Sun Ah in Jeju. Actor Kim Woo-bin plays a kind man who is the captain of a fishing boat.

Different from the usual looks, this time Lee Byung-hun plays the role of Lee Dong-suk, a boy who grew up in the countryside. He travels around the island in a van that sells a variety of household goods and clothing. A romantic love story will blossom between Lee Dong-suk and Min Sun Ah. The film is slated to air on April 9.

My Liberation Notes

Hottest upcoming Kdrama in April 2022.

The production team of the family drama series “My Liberation Notes” is veteran names in the Korean film industry, such as director Kim Suk-Yoon from “Law School” or “The Detective K”, screenwriter. Park Hae-young from “My Mister”.

The cast of Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Lee El play 3 grown-up siblings who are frustrated with life and find a way to escape from the village of Sanpo. Changes began to come to them after the appearance of the character Mr. Goo (Son Suk-Ku), a mysterious alcoholic, who moves to live in the village. The film will premiere on JTBC on April 9.

Love All Play

Love All Play Kdrama

An interesting drama about badminton will premiere on KBS2 on April 20, with the participation of Park Ju-Hyun from the movie “Mouse”. The actress plays the role of Park Tae-yang – a badminton player who suddenly had an accident and had to stop playing, in the midst of a flourishing career. Her constant efforts brought her back to the field after 3 years.

Contrary to Park Tae-yang’s passion for badminton, athlete Park Tae-Joon (played by Chae Jong-hyeop) only considers badminton as a livelihood. Lack of passion causes Park Tae-Joon to leave the team, but the story begins when he joins Park Tae-yang’s team.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars kdrama

Actress Lee Sung-Kyung of “Dr. Romantic 2” returns as the lead in tvN’s “Shooting Stars” series, which premieres on April 22. She plays Oh Han-byeol – a female employee who excels in crisis management and is also the head of the public relations team at a large enterprise.

Oh Han-byeol’s co-star is Kim Young-dae (The Penthouse) as Gong Tae-sung, a leading figure in the company. He is loved by everyone for being kind and gentle on the outside, but on the inside, he has a fierce and ambitious personality. Despite constantly arguing about everything, Han-byeol and Young-dae develop a romantic relationship.

The Killer’s Shopping List

Hottest upcoming Kdrama in April 2022.

Airing on April 27, “The Killer’s Shopping List” stars Lee Kwan-soo as Dae-sung, a man with a great memory but repeatedly failing the civil service exams. . He has to work part-time at a supermarket run by his mother.

Actress Seol Hyun plays police officer A-hee, Dae-sung’s girlfriend. A mysterious murder occurs at the apartment complex near the supermarket Dae-sung works and A-hee directly participates in the investigation. Not long after, the mother and daughter of the Dae-sung family also joined the investigation, as the only clue to the case came from their supermarket sales receipts.


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