Son Heung-min dating rumours

Actress Kim Go-Eun and national soccer player Son Heung-min were in trouble due to dating rumours on a ‘private SNS account’ out of nowhere. This is an incident that resulted from the public’s interest in celebrities’ private SNS accounts (the only reason).

On the 20th, dating rumours between Kim Go-Eun and Son Heung-min were raised through SNS and online communities. However, Kim Go-eun’s agency, BH Entertainment, announced the official position that it was “unfounded”, and the dating rumours between the two quickly evolved.

The dating rumour between the two was raised because of SNS. This is because it started with the suspicion that Kim Go-Eun was following a private SNS account with the word ‘son’ in it, and the interpretation that the account combined Son Heung-min’s surname and birthday was shared. Even the story that the account clicked ‘Like’ on Kim Go-eun’s pictorial photo was added, and the dating rumour of the two quickly spread.

However, Kim Go-eun’s agency quickly drew a line on the dating rumours. Then, in the inside story of the dating rumour, Kim Go-eun’s best friend, actress Jang Hui-ryeong, was summoned. This is because the owner of the account was Jang Hui-Leong, not Son Heung-min.

Jang Hui-Leong also appealed, as if embarrassed by the sudden situation, “This is my private account. Please do not hack it.” As a result, the sudden dating rumour between Kim Go-Eun and Son Heung-min ended with the existence of Jang Hee-ryeong’s private SNS account revealed.

The way to operate a private SNS account is common not only to celebrities but also to ordinary people. Although SNS is a public place, the main account and sub-accounts are managed together in order to share one’s private life with only a small number of people.

However, some netizens feel alienated from the fact that celebrities own private social media accounts as they live off public attention. At the same time, it pinpoints the gap between the bare-faced celebrities who share on their private accounts and the person reflected in the public.


Best of all, private accounts can only be accessed by a select few. As a result, some fans react more promptly to the following list in private SNS accounts, posts, and ‘Like’ posts. Rumours of a romantic relationship between Kim Go-Eun and Son Heung-min were also raised due to the following list and ‘likes’.

V Jennie dating rumor / Photo = DB
V Jennie dating rumour / Photo = DB

Idol group fans become more sensitive to these private accounts. As a result, some crooked fans commit crimes of hacking private social media accounts.

Among them, the group Black Pink Jennie went through a hard time when a picture she took with the group BTS’ V was circulated. At the time, the distributor hacked Jenny’s private account and cell phone and distributed it, and the police are currently investigating the case.

However, SNS is an individual domain to the last. Social media operated by celebrities is a channel for communication with fans and, at the same time, a space containing their private lives. Operation and disclosure are entirely up to individual choice.

Nevertheless, some fans still try to access their private lives by monitoring their every move on private social media accounts. However, there is a reason that privacy is private. The perverted interest in private accounts causes speculation and misunderstanding, and rather only widens the gap between themselves and celebrities.

Source: Daum

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