A change between Kim Go-Eun and Wi Ha-Joon in ‘Little Women’ was foretold.

On the 9th, the tvN Saturday drama ‘Little Women‘ captured the appearance of Oh In-Joo (Kim Go-Eun) and Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-jun), who entered a new inflection point in their relationship on the 9th. Between boundaries and cooperation, a different atmosphere stimulates curiosity.

In the last broadcast, Oh In-Joo’s struggle to solve the mystery of Jin Hwa-young’s (Chu Ja-Hyun) death was drawn. Oh, In-Joo joins the slush fund chase with Choi Do-il and Shin Hyun-min (Oh Jung-Se) to find out the truth. she soon came to the conclusion that Shin Hyun-min was the real culprit who killed Jinhwa-young and took the slush funds. However, Shin Hyun-min had a mysterious accident right before her eyes, and all the evidence returned to its origin.

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Kim Go-Eun and Wi Ha-Joon
Provided by tvN

Choi Do-il helped In-Ju Oh find the truth by revealing Shin Hyun-min’s suspicious behavior with quick judgment. However, at the decisive moment, his appearance, which valued slush funds rather than truth or justice, was a reversal. Oh In-Joo turned around with great disappointment, saying, “I thought we could be friends.” Meanwhile, in the photo released on this day, Oh In-Joo and Choi Do-il, who became entangled again, are attracting attention. In an unfamiliar space, Oh In-Joo is sitting on her knees with a tense expression on her face. The next person to appear was Choi Do-il. The way he looks down at Oh In Joo with an unknown expression stimulates curiosity. The two become entangled once again out of necessity in the case of a repeated overthrow. Attention is focused on the story of these new plans, entering the arena of another relationship.

Little Women was accused of plagiarizing as Soon as it Airs its two Episode

The production team of ‘Little Women’ said, “Another incident unfolds in front of two people who face unexpected ambush due to Shin Hyun-min’s accident, both in finding the truth and in the search for slush funds. Please also pay attention to the change in the relationship between the two of them that is re-established in the process.”

Meanwhile, Episode 3 of ‘Little Women’ will be broadcast on the 10th at 9:10 pm

Source: Daum

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