Actress Kim Ji-eun meets Namgoong-min in ‘one Dollar Lawyer‘ and exudes a rainbow-colored charm.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘one Dollar Lawyer, Kim Ji-eun, who plays the role of Baek Ma-ri, a lawyer of Cheon Ji-hoon (Nam Goong-min), is performing.

In a pictures release Kim Ji-eun has short hair that looks like a veil, a suit fit, and pointed high heels. In the play, she transformed herself into a ‘hundred horse’, which is expected to have a brilliant future with gorgeous specs, and tried to transform the image perfectly, boasting perfect synchronization with the character. Kim Ji-eun radiated the dignified charm of her character with her solid diction and rich facial expressions.

Kim Ji Eun and Nam Goong Min

In particular, Kim Ji-eun showed off her chemistry with Namgoong-min and Tiki-taka as Cheon Ji-hoon, and also showed off her fantastic chemistry with the secretary (Park Jin-woo). In addition, she performed comical acting that did not spare herself, conveying the interest and fun of the play in every episode. Kim Ji-eun is active, showing her girl crush charm with her charismatic figure.

Kim Ji Eun and Nam Goong Min

On the other hand, ‘Won Thousand Lawyer’ is an exhilarating defense drama in which the fee is only one thousand won, and her skills are by far the best, Meanwhile ‘God’s Rain Lawyer’ Cheon Ji-hoon becomes the most reliable support for clients who have no background. Episode 11 will be aired on the 5th.

Source: Daum

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