Kim Kang-hoon in Reborn Rich, his fantastic acting skills almost mistaken as young Song Joong Ki

Kim Kang-hoon’s “Reborn Rich” acting ability that swallowed Song Joong-ki whole in ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family Attention from various social media and online communities” Song Joong-ki speaks”, “It’s really great” Kim Kang-hoon captivated viewers with his outstanding acting skills.

In the JTBC drama new drama ‘Reborn Rich’, which aired on the 19th, Jin Yang-Cheol (Lee Seong-min) and his family were portrayed predicting the winner of the presidential election.

On this day, Jin Young-ki (Yoon Je-moon), Jin Dong-gi (Cho Han-Cheol), and Jin Hwa-Yeong (Kim Shin-rok) discussed the leading candidates among DJ and YS, confident that there would be a regime change.

Kim Kang-hoon Reborn Rich

At this time, Jin Do-Joon (Kim Kang-hoon), who returned to the past, visited Jin Yang-Cheol.  Yang-Cheol treated Jin Do-jun, who made a fuss at the 60th birthday party, as someone who did not have one, and Jin Do-jun said, “I came to pay for the broken pottery yesterday. and will like to make my suggestion, I would bet on Roh Tae-woo for the presidential election funds if it were me. The president will be Roh Tae-woo.”

Kim Kang-hoon in Reborn Rich
Kim Kang-hoon in Reborn Rich

At the same time, “Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-Jung, do you think those two will be able to succeed in unification? I am not,” he said. Everyone thought the young Jin Do-jun’s words were nonsense, but immediately the news of the breakdown of the unification agreement between Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-Jung was reported and everyone was surprised.

The scene drew attention as it spread to various social media and online communities after the broadcast. This is because Kim Kang-hoon showed off an amazing performance that seemed to swallow Song Joong-ki as it was.

Netizens commented

“The acting is excellent”, “The tone of voice is really the same”, “Wow, Song Joong-ki speaks”, “I really swallowed it. Awesome”, “I feel this part because it’s not me”, “He’s an acting genius”, “I thought he was Song Joong-ki while watching”, 

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