Kim Nam-Gil at Gilstory, who is acting as the representative of the cultural arts NGO ‘Gilstory’, finished the donation show. On the 3rd, Kim Nam-Gil held the Gilstory donation show ‘2022 Kim Nam-Gil’s Strongest Show in the Universe – Gillibus’ at Daeyang Hall, Sejong University. ‘2022 Kim Nam-Gil’s Strongest Show in the Universe – Gilliverse is a signature donation show hosted by Gilstory, a cultural and artistic NGO founded by actor Kim Nam-Gil. The ‘2022 Universe’s Strongest Show’, which was held three years after 2019, was planned by Kim Nam-Gil himself, and performance experts working together pro bono participated to complete a donation show in a new format.


In addition, actors Such as Jung Woo-sung, Park Sung-woong, Jeong Man-sik, Jung Moo-Seong, Cha Cheong-hwa, Ko Kyu-pil, Kim Joon-han, Lee Hyun-wook, Cha Yeop, Im Si-wan, Sung Joon, Seo Hyun, broadcaster Jang Seong-Gyu, Professor Kwon Il-Yong, CEO Baek Jong-won, CEO Han Jae-deok, etc. We participated and had a meaningful time.

About 2,000 supporters attended the ‘2022 Universe’s Strongest Show’ and shared meaningfully for about 280 minutes. The proceeds of 10 million won collected through the mission confrontation in each corner will be fully used by Gilstory, along with the Animal Freedom Solidarity, to spread awareness of animal rights for animals appearing in the media and to treat and protect abused animals.

On this day, Kim Nam-Gil, who appeared on the stage with the countdown of supporters, opened the door to ‘2022 Universe’s Strongest Show’ with ‘Email’ and ‘Say I Love You. In addition, Kim Nam-Gil sang a total of 7 songs, including ‘Leaning on You, ‘Chilgapsan’, ‘Collecting My Tears’, ‘Missing You, and ‘Can’t I Love You, impressing his supporters.

The ‘2022 Strongest Show in the Universe, which began in earnest with the pleasant progress of broadcaster Jang Seong-Gyu, who was in charge of MC, was conducted in the form of donations accumulated according to the results of Kim Nam-Gil and stars who practice sharing.

In the first ‘Ring the Decibel’, Kim Nam-Gil recalled an episode at the filming site with actor Im Si-wan, who acted together in the movie ‘Emergency Declaration’. In addition, the two continued a heated atmosphere by competing in good faith with the song competition they had prepared.

Then, profiler Professor Kwon Il-Yong and actor Jung Man-sik, whom they met through the drama ‘Those Who Read the Evil Mind’, appeared and set up a ‘Those who read other people’s minds’ corner. Following the behind-the-scenes story of casting ‘The Readers of the Evil Mind’, Kim Nam-Gil and Professor Kwon Il-Yong conducted a mission to guess the name of the person written on their foreheads and set out to guess the correct answer by activating their sharp deduction skills. Professor Kwon Il-Yong added warmth by giving warm support to Kim Nam-Gil, who is leading the sharing culture.

Actor Sung Joon appeared in ‘The Lord of Ssireum’ and showed off a unique chemistry with Kim Nam-Gil. Kim Nam-Gil and Sung-Joon talked about the opposite charm from their first impression of each other and laughed while imitating the vocal cords of ‘Eternal and Swear’ on the spot. The two wrestled with arms, palms, and thighs, continuing the hot heat.

Actors Jung Moo-Seong, Cha Cheong-hwa, Ko Kyu-pil, Lee Hyun-wook, Cha-yeop, and Seohyun showed off their fantastic breathing through various missions such as kicking a jig alternately for 99 seconds, flying spoon, and setting up a cola can for 99 seconds in ‘Mission KIM Possible’ with Kim Nam-Gil. They succeeded in all missions with 26 seconds left, and enthusiastic supporters.


Then, the meaning of sharing was reflected on with a highlight video of the ‘World’s Strongest Show’, which was held for the first time in 2019. In particular, a video was released of Kim Nam-Gil, who founded Gilstory, a culture and arts NGO, with 100 cultural and artistic people in 2015 to raise money to help victims of typhoon damage in the Philippines in 2014, and is conducting various public art campaigns. ‘Gil Story’, a culture and arts NGO, has been walking through the ‘Gil Story Campaign’, which produces cultural and artistic content to spread the story of the ‘Road’ containing Korean culture and emotions to people around the world, and the signature donation show ‘The Strongest Show in the Universe. The video containing the story of the road coloured the scene warmly.

At the end of the video, Kim Nam-Gil expressed his gratitude along with the names of the sponsors, saying, “I want to walk this road with you. After 3 years stopped by the pandemic, I am walking again because of you.”

CEO Baek Jong-won made a surprise appearance in ‘All About GILSTORY’, which started afterwards. The two added the meaning of ‘2022 Universe’s Strongest Show’ by talking in-depth about Tikitaka chemistry as well as balanced regional development and sharing practices.

Baek Jong-won, who participated in the donation procession by answering all the quizzes related to the culture and art NGO Gilstory’, said, “I am gaining tremendous healing energy. Nam-Gil Kim is leading the way in social contribution, and I will help your wishes shine warmly.” I got applause.

In the last mission of ‘The Strongest Combi Show in the Universe’, director and actor Jung Woo-sung, who directed the movie ‘Guardian’, actors Park Seong-woong, Kim Jun-han, Han Jae-deok, and actor Jung Man-sik went back to the stage and decorated the finale. They built a strong friendship through behind-the-scenes talks and candid conversations while filming the films Guardian’ and ‘Hunt’.

Together with Kim Nam-Gil, they challenged ‘Tell me with 3 to 3 bodies’ by explaining the title of the movie with their bodies, boasting fantastic chemistry, and filling the concert hall with cheers as they reached the target donation amount of 10 million won.

Kim Nam-Gil, who filled the stage for 4 hours and 40 minutes with colourful corners and stories, said, “Thank you to everyone who participated in the donation show for a good cause. I hope that ‘The Strongest Show in the Universe’ will not just stay here, but become a donation culture. I will grow in a place where I can exert a good influence. As an actor, I will try to repay you with good work and acting, “he expressed his sincere feelings.

On the other hand, ‘Gilstory’, a culture and arts NGO, is a non-profit private organization registered with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Cultural artists gather to create the value of sharing through public art activities, sponsor creators and create social impact.

Source: Daum

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