Kim Se Jung of Today Webtoon performed good deeds once more.

Singer and actor Kim Se-Jung who is currently playing Ma Eun in Today Webtoon performed good deeds once more.

Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association Kim Se-jeong won 10 million won in water Jae’s pension I said on the 7th that I had left it. According to the Association, Kim Se-jung paid a fortune to repair the damage caused by Typhoon Hinamno No. 11 I was cheerful.

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Kim Se Jung Today Webtoon

“Kim Se-jeong this time,” said Jelly Fish Entertainment, a member of Kim Se-jeong May it be of little help to the neighbors who lost their lives in the typhoon I hope that I will donate money.”

“Kim Se-jung and Lee Jae-min,” said Kim Jong-hee, Secretary-general of Hope Bridge Thank you to everyone who helped me get back to my routine quickly.”So that the warm touch will be fully transmitted to the people of the country.” I will do my best

Kim Se Jung Today Webtoon

This is not the first time Kim Se-Jung’s good deeds have been uncovered.

Earlier last March East coast wildfires and last August torrential rain when emergency 10 million won and 20 million won each for the association to spend in support of relief efforts Donated. In March 2020, 10 million won was paid to overcome Covid19.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-Jung played the role in the SBS Geumtoon drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’ with all her heart she is starring. ‘Today’s Webtoon’ is the dynamic office life of the webtoon industry and the New webtoon editor from Judo player who stepped in, all-heart level-up Draw a growing season

Kim Se Jung Today Webtoon
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