Lee Jae wook, enraged in ‘Alchemy Of Souls Part 2, draws a sword at Shin Seung-ho and predicts a great upheaval.

The tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Alchemy Of Souls: Light and Shadow’ is set in a great country that does not exist in history or on the map, and the main characters whose fates have been twisted due to the ‘Alchemy Of Soul that changes their souls. It is a fantasy romance that overcomes and grows.

In the last broadcast, Seo-yul (Hwang Min-hyeon) finally learned the identity of Jin Bu-yeon (Go Yoon-jung) and increased his immersion. In particular, at the end of the play, Seo-yul blocked Cheonbu-gwan to save So-yi, who was targeted by Cheon-bu-gwan, but every time he wrote a memo, he fell into unbearable pain caused by bloodworms and came to a crisis. In the midst of an imminent crisis, Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) went out to save Seo-yul, and Seo-yul lost consciousness with the words “I’m sorry, Uk-ah” and unfolded a storm that could not let go of the tension until the end.

In the meantime, the stills released by the production side on the 30th contain Jang-wook’s royal raid and make your hands sweat. Jang-wook’s expression is cold as he enters the royal palace without hesitation, as if exploding the anger he has been suppressing and enduring.


Lee Jae wook Alchemy Of Souls
tvN Hwanhon

When Crown Prince Gowon (Shin Seung-ho) blocks Jang-wook’s way, Jang-wook continues an on-the-spot confrontation, aiming the sword of falling water at him. Above all, Crown Prince Gowon faces Jang-wook with intense eyes as if he would do his best even at the tip of his sharp knife, creating an atmosphere like a plate of thin ice.

Along with this, the expression of Park Jin (played by Yoo Jun-sang), standing by Jang-wook as if to protect him, draws attention. It is radiating a treasured charisma from behind Jang-wook, as if to say that he is with the tip of the knife and his steps. However, depending on Seoyul’s life and death, the war between Jang-wook and Songlim, the strongest of the great nation, and the royal family and the royal family’s direct subordinate, is unavoidable, so high interest is already gathering in the 7th episode of the drama’, which is predicted to be a great disaster.

The production team of ‘Alchemy Of Soul: Light And Shadow said, “With only 4 episodes left, the drama will finish the long journey that has been going on since part 1 for two weeks.” The serious story is going to be raging, so please watch it until the end,” he asked for expectations. Broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 pm.

Source: Daum

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