Lee Jae-wook and Go Yoon-jung’s first meeting stills were released. in the tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama Alchemy of Souls: Light And Darkness, which will be broadcasted for the first time on December 10th, Alchemy of Souls: Light And Darkness is fiction that changes souls in the background of a great country that does not exist in history or maps. A fantasy romance in which the main characters, whose fates have been twisted due to love alone, overcome and grow. It deals with the story of Jang-Wook (Lee Jae-Wook), who came back alive from death, and the magicians who are newly unfolded after three years.

On the 9th, the ‘Warrior’ side revealed the scene of Jang-wook, who will be the starting point of the fateful romance, and the Jin family woman (played by Go Yoon-jung) who lost her memory with the face of Nak-us. It contains a war of nerves.

Lee Jae-Wook and Go Yoon-Jung face each In particular, a woman who has lost her memory surprises the viewer with her bold actions like a fearless puppy. Not knowing that Jang-wook is a monster who catches a married woman, he threatens him with a poker in his hand and is on alert.

Jang-wook is looking at the woman carefully with curious eyes as if he was curious about the woman’s behaviour for a while. Indeed, attention is being paid to the reason for Jang-wook’s visit to Jin Yo-won’s annexe and how the relationship between the two fateful encounters will develop in the future.


The production crew of tvN’s “Alchemy of souls” said, “The image of a woman who lost her memory of the faces of Jang-wook and Nak-soo building a relationship through the medium of ice stone will give a strong thrill. You can expect the chemistry between the two to explode from the first meeting.” Broadcast at 9:10 pm on the 10th. (Photo = provided by tvN)

Source: Daum

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