What is the driving force behind MBC Big Mouse’s 12% viewer ratings for genre dramas? Viewers “Fast speed, great reasoning fun” Lee Jong-suk, Big Mouse Popularity chart No. 1 success in box office success… Increased audience trust

Lee Jong Suk Big Mouse
Actor Lee Jong-suk is demonstrating his extraordinary potential through MBC’s ‘Big Mouse’. The picture is a scene from a drama. photo courtesy of MBC

Actor Lee Jong-suk finally reached the top of the small screen. Through his starring MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouth’, the ratings rose to 12% (Nielsen Korea), making it the highest score among mini-series airing recently. In particular, in a situation where the genre drama is on a downward trend and the comedy genre has emerged as a trend in home theaters, it is making such an achievement as a thriller material, and both inside and outside the broadcaster are watching with interest.

  • “Character charm, not power”

The drama tells the story of lawyer Lee Jong-suk (Park Changho), who is imprisoned in prison after being framed as ‘Big Mouse’ and a conspirator due to a conspiracy, and digging up various crises. In addition to the process of finding Big Mouse, Lee Jong-suk plays an active role as the central axis of the drama, including power struggles in prisons, and brain battles with the powers who put him in a conspiracy.

The closer he got to the reality of Big Mouse, the more it reversed, and the ratings, which started at 6.2% on July 29th, exceeded 12% on the 3rd, the first time in the 12th episode. Among the miniseries currently airing, ‘Big Mouse’ is the only work that recorded double-digit viewership ratings.

Viewers are raving about it, saying, “The fast pace and fun of reasoning are attractive,” comparing it to other dramas of the same genre that aired earlier, such as JTBC’s “Insider.” On the 4th, drama critic Yoon Seok-jin, a professor of Korean language at Chungnam National University, said, “Unlike other protagonists whose ultimate goal is power, Lee Jong-suk’s character Park Chang-ho is unique in that he confronts and uses power to restore daily life. The realistic social satire that touches the distrust of people also stands out.”

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It has also been placed at the top of the topic chart with various advantages. Lee Jong-suk ranked first in the performer category for the 4th week of August (August 21-28) in the Internet reaction index ‘Racoy’ recently announced by the Korea Communications Commission. ‘Big Mouse’ also took first place in the Internet DB field in both dramas and entertainment shows. 

  • Consecutive success at the box office in viewership ratings ‘low power
Lee Jong Suk Big Mouse

On this occasion, Lee Jong-suk is also evaluated as having cleared the gap of about 3 years and 6 months since tvN’s ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ in January 2019. It is known that after being released as a social worker in January last year, he decided to appear in ‘Big Mouse’ considering the high possibility of the box office despite concerns that the vacancy would be prolonged due to pre-production. From August of that year to April of this year, he is belatedly enjoying the reward of the nine months he put into filming the drama.

Previously, SBS ‘I Hear Your Voice’, SBS ‘While You Were Sleeping’, and MBC’s ‘W-Two Worlds’ are showing their potential as a Hallyu star. On various overseas content review sites such as Douban in China and IMDb in the US, comments are running one after another saying, “I fell in love with Lee Jong-suk after watching the drama.” Using this drama as an opportunity, we plan to communicate more closely with domestic and foreign fans. As the first step, they will hold an offline fan meeting ‘RE, JONG SUK’ at Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Yongsan-gu, on the 12th and meet their fans.

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