Watch: Lee Joon-gi Shows his dancing skills by keeping his ratings promise for ‘Again My Life’ Fans…

Lee Joon-gi showed off his amazing dance skills. Actor Lee Joon-gi posted a video on his Instagram on May 26th with the words “Practice the late promise”.

In the released video, Lee Joon-gi is dancing a bit vigorously with the choreography team to Psy’s ‘That That’ music. Lee Joon-gi, who showed off the blue and blue fashion, surprised everyone with his dancing skills comparable to those of active idols.

In addition, Lee Jun-gi said, “Actually, I should have put it into practice a few weeks ago, but I apologize for not being able to revive it with your great love and support because I was busy. told

Lee Joon-gi continued, “I was thinking of doing a cover for fulfilling my promise, but I went to the choreography practice room after a long time, so I decided to try Psy’s ‘That That’, which many people have requested these days, and I immediately watched the music video and picked the choreography. Lee Hyung, Junwoo I’m sorry and thank you. I look forward to the day when I can enjoy the stage again.”

Earlier, Lee Joon-gi raised expectations by promising to dance when the ratings of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Again My Life‘, in which he appears, exceed 10%. ‘Again My Life’, which started with 5.8% of Nielsen Korea’s national standard on April 8th, has steadily risen through word of mouth, and recorded 10.1% in the 9th episode on May 6th, reaching the 10% mark. And the 13th episode, which aired on May 20th, recorded its highest rating of 11%. Watch the video below

Meanwhile, ‘Again My Life’ ends on May 28th. (Photo=Lee Joon-gi’s Instagram)

Source: Naver


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